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10 U.S. States Where You Can Enjoy a Long, Healthy Life: California Not in Top 5

Living to 90 or 100 may seem like a far-off goal, but achieving it may be closer than one might think. Recent studies have revealed that lifestyle choices and the state in which you live can greatly influence life expectancy. In 2019, the United States ranked 40th in life expectancy when compared to other countries, according to the World Health Organization, with an average life expectancy of 78.5 years. However, a recent study by Life Extension, a company that aims to extend the healthy human lifespan, has revealed the top 10 states in the U.S. for a long and healthy life.

Life Extension compiled data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to evaluate the life expectancy of each state and eight lifestyle factors: exercise, healthy diet, weight, sleep quality, stress levels, social isolation, proximity to parks and outdoor recreation. The results were surprising.

At the top of the list was Hawaii, with a life expectancy of 80.7 years and two-thirds of its residents reporting that they eat fruits and vegetables every day. The state also ranked high in lifestyle factors, with 82.6% of its inhabitants claiming they have a park or school within a half-mile of their home.

Minnesota and Vermont tied for second place, with Washington in fourth. A healthy lifestyle was a major factor in the states’ rankings, with more than 80% of Vermonters saying they exercised in the last month and 70% of Minnesotans reporting sufficient sleep. Washington’s high life expectancy and low levels of stress among its residents also earned the state a spot on the list.

The other states in the top 10 for a long and healthy life are New Hampshire, Utah, Colorado, Massachusetts, California and Oregon. While life expectancy is an important factor, it is clear that lifestyle choices can play a major role in one’s longevity.

Living to 90 or 100 may be more achievable than one might think. With the right lifestyle and living in the right state, a long and healthy life may be within reach.

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