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2023 Big Tex Choice Award winners announced this past weekend

Dallas, Texas – In a heraldic anticipation of the forthcoming Texas State Fair, scheduled to inaugurate on September 29, the esteemed panel of judges for the Big Tex Choice Awards divulged the winners of their 2023 culinary competition on Sunday afternoon.

This annual gastronomic tour de force, which has been an integral facet of the State Fair of Texas since its inception in 2005, invites concessionaires to conceive and execute uniquely scrumptious concoctions, vying for the coveted distinction of becoming a finalist in this illustrious competition.

The freshly anointed winners’ creations will subsequently be available for sampling by fairgoers, adding an enticing layer to the quintessential American fair experience.

2023 Savory Winner: Deep Fried Pho

Michelle Le has masterfully synthesized Southern culinary traditions with quintessential Vietnamese comfort food to create Deep Fried Pho.

This fusion dish harmoniously melds the flavorful profiles of fried Southern cuisine with the refreshing elements of traditional pho. The gastronomic creation consists of a fried roll enveloping vermicelli noodles, succulent slices of beef, and an assemblage of fresh herbs and bean sprouts.

The sumptuous roll is complemented by quintessential accompaniments: a pho broth, lime wedges, slices of jalapeño, a sprig of cilantro, along with hoisin and sriracha sauces—each one a staple in authentic Vietnamese pho eateries.

2023 Sweet Winner: Biscoff Delight

The 2023 Sweet Winner has been bequeathed to Biscoff Delight, an extravagant dessert crafted by Stephen El Gidi.

This decadent offering elevates the venerable New York-style cheesecake by imbuing it with the luxurious flavors of Belgian chocolate and Biscoff cookies.

Each slice is lavishly enveloped in a crumbled Biscoff cookie layer and artfully drizzled with Biscoff spread, achieving not only a harmonious flavor blend but also an aesthetic composition that makes it irresistibly “Instagrammable,” thanks to its garnish of a strategically positioned Biscoff cookie.

2023 Most Creative: Burbon Banana Carmel Sopapillas

Not to be outdone in creative ingenuity, the 2023 award for Most Creative goes to Bourbon Banana Caramel Sopapillas, an audacious reinterpretation of the classic sopapilla by creators Cody and Lauren Hays.

This audacious dessert amplifies the conventional sopapilla’s fluffy fried allure by adorning it with an amalgamation of vanilla-caramel-infused bananas, sweet bourbon syrup, and crushed candied pecans. The opulent ensemble is further embellished with dollops of sweetened mascarpone cheese and crumbled Nilla Wafers, all dusted with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, ensuring a tantalizing experience poised to satiate even the most demanding of sweet palates.

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