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23rd Annual Art in the Square Festival Commences

Southlake is currently bustling with artistic and creative energy as artists from around the country gather for Art in the Square, a juried three-day festival that showcases the work of approximately 200 artists. The event, which started on Friday morning, features a myriad of activities such as face painting, crafts, music, and much more, and runs until Sunday, April 30th.

While setting up their respective tents, Jeribai Andrew-Jaja, who creates hyperrealism artwork using charcoal and ink, expressed the thought that this was the toughest part of the festival. But for Andrew-Jaja and the other 199 artists, the hard work of setting up their displays is worth it as they are given the opportunity to showcase their art.

\”Art just brings everybody together,\” exclaimed Event Chair Kathy Talley. \”It doesn’t matter what your walk of life, your background, if you’re not artistic like me, or if you’re very artistic.\” Talley adds that having 200 talented artists at the festival makes it a truly unique gathering.

Andrew-Jaja’s work stands out due to the fact that his drawings of both animals and people are so realistic that they could easily be mistaken for photographs. The acclaimed artist commented, \”I like telling stories using other people as subjects and also animals,\” as he pointed at one of his masterpieces featuring an elephant family with orange butterflies.

Niki Gulley, another artist participating in the festival, won the opportunity to have her sunflower painting featured on this year’s event T-shirts. \”Oh my gosh,\” beamed Gulley. \”It is so cool! I love it! I feel so honored that they picked my painting for the T-shirts.\”

Besides promoting creativity and art, Art in the Square is also a fundraiser for 28 local charities. Talley explains that visitors to the festival are contributing to these charities when they buy food and beverages and enjoy the various activities.

Art in the Square in Southlake is an event that is filled with excitement and emotion, and with so much on offer, it is easy to see why it is one of the most highly anticipated annual events in the town.

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