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Act now: Dallas Animal Services faces overcrowding, pets available for free adoption

Dallas, Texas – In an unexpected move to alleviate its overburdened facilities, Dallas Animal Services is extending an invitation to the public for fee-waived adoptions until further notice, a demonstration of the agency’s urgent plea for help in managing the rising animal population.

Dallas Animal Services will spay or neuter, vaccinate, and microchip each and every pet before adoption

Each of the available pets at the agency has been responsibly attended to by a dedicated team of veterinarians. They arrive at their new homes complete with spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping. A further enticement is a voucher provided for a complimentary initial consultation with a vet, thus ensuring the animals’ ongoing health and welfare in their new families.

In a bid to further incentivize the public, the agency has unveiled an additional scheme. Adopters from their Westmoreland location, precisely situated at 1818 North Westmoreland Road, will be recipients of a $50 gift card, dispensed while stocks permit.

Dallas Animal Services usually sees overcrowding around Fourth of July each year

Historically, Dallas Animal Services experiences a considerable surge in the intake of animals in the wake of the Fourth of July holiday, as stated by city officials. It is a seasonal trend that exacerbates the burden on an already stretched resource.

In a determined effort to meet a commendable 90% live release rate, the agency is relying heavily on the provision of free adoptions. This ambitious goal may appear daunting, given the current live release rate languishing at 76%. However, it’s worth noting that the agency has attained this benchmark in the past, precisely in 2020, and hopes to recreate this success story.

For those interested in extending their family by adopting a pet, further details regarding available pets or online applications can be found on the agency’s official website.

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