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African American Museum of Dallas was awarded $100,000 as part of the retailer’s community impact program

Dallas, Texas – In a jubilant announcement, the African American Museum of Dallas reveals a forthcoming makeover set to redefine its aesthetic landscape. The museum’s long-standing courtyard, although rich in history, has languished over the years, yearning for rejuvenation. As autumn colors begin to paint the city’s skyline, this iconic gathering place will experience a resplendent rebirth.

African American Museum of Dallas was awarded $100,000 as part of the retailer’s community impact program

In a recent act of philanthropy emblematic of their dedication to fostering community growth, Lowe’s bestowed a generous $100,000 grant upon the museum. The award comes under the purview of the “Lowe’s Hometowns” initiative, an ambitious $100 million, five-year commitment initiated in 2022. Designed to bolster community spaces across the nation, the program will now play a pivotal role in breathing new life into this beloved Dallas landmark.

The museum’s executive director, Dr. Harry Robinson Jr., expressed deep gratitude and excitement.

“We have long wanted to do something with our courtyard and extend to our solarium, and this was a golden opportunity for us to be selected by Lowe’s for this project. It’s gonna mean a lot to us because we’ll be celebrating our 30th anniversary in this new building from October 21 to November 17th. So, we’re gonna have a big celebration about the renovation of the courtyard and the solarium,” said Dr. Harry Robinson, Jr.

African American Museum of Dallas to get new look, design

In terms of design, the rejuvenated courtyard is set to manifest an exquisite blend of nature and culture. Its edges will be graced by a diverse array of plantings, while the courtyard’s heart will transform into an intimate milieu, suitable for a medley of events and educational initiatives. Further upgrades are planned for the planting and irrigation systems to ensure the sustainability of the newly integrated flora.

Dr. Robinson stated that the project is slated to break ground in July and anticipates a timely completion, aligned with the upcoming 30th-anniversary celebrations of the museum’s residence in Fair Park.

African American Museum of Dallas is the only institution of its kind in the Southwestern Region

Set apart by its unique mission, the African American Museum holds the esteemed position as the only institution of its kind in the Southwestern Region. It is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of African American artistic, cultural, and historical artifacts. Among its treasured collections, it boasts one of the largest repositories of African American Folk Art in the United States, marking it as an indispensable beacon of cultural heritage.

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