After the temporary closure in March 2020, Medical City ER Stonebridge in McKinney reopened this week

McKinney, Texas – Re-inaugurating its doors on July 10th, Medical City ER Stonebridge, a subsidiary of Medical City McKinney, has resumed its crucial mission to deliver comprehensive emergency care for infants, children, and adults residing in McKinney and adjacent areas.

Medical City ER Stonebridge donated $5,000 to the Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at Collin College

Aligning with the grand reopening, Medical City McKinney made an altruistic gesture of bestowing a charitable donation of $5,000 to the Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at Collin College. The EMS department at Collin College is renowned for its effective pedagogical techniques in imparting both the theoretical understanding and the practical application of prehospital emergency medicine, nurturing future medical professionals.

Medical City ER Stonebridge has been closed since March 2020 due to the pandemic

Medical City ER Stonebridge had put a pause on its operations in March 2020, to prioritize and redirect its resources and manpower more efficiently in the wake of COVID-19 outbreaks. With the resurgence of accessible resources, the facility now renews its commitment to providing essential emergency services around the clock in this strategic location.

“We are thrilled to expand access to high-quality, safe emergency care closer to home for many Collin County residents – backed by all of the resources and clinical expertise of Medical City McKinney,” says Medical City McKinney CEO Ernest Lynch.

The emergency room is manned by a crew of board-certified emergency physicians and nurses specially trained in emergency response. Medical City ER Stonebridge aligns with hospital-based ERs in terms of the care quality they deliver and has a smooth transition process for patients who need to be admitted to Medical City McKinney for a more advanced level of care or inpatient services. The notable facilities in Medical City ER Stonebridge include:

  • 12 private patient treatment rooms, including two pediatric rooms
  • Dedicated trauma code room
  • Medical laboratory
  • Imaging suite with X-ray, computerized tomography (CT) scans and ultrasound

Originally established in 2015, Medical City ER Stonebridge is conveniently located at 8995 W. University Drive in McKinney, nestled at the crossroads of W. University Drive and N. Custer Road.

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