Allen City Council to decide on two pickleball courts approval after Armor Brewing Co.’s official request set to be filed later this month

Allen, Texas – On the horizon of the 27th of June, a significant meeting is poised to occur as Armor Brewing Company is scheduled to stand before the governing body of Allen City Council. The company is making a bid to secure approval for the establishment of two pickleball courts, marking a unique blend of athletic and culinary pursuits.

In an earlier assembly, dated June 6, involving the City of Allen Planning and Zoning commission, the intricate details of the proposed initiative were laid bare. Hailey Angel, the Planning Manager, presented the potential zoning alteration that could pave the way for Armor Brewing Co. to usher in an outdoor entertainment zone at their forthcoming venue, which is conveniently situated at the confluence of Bethany Drive and Prestige Circle.

The proposition involves a close examination of two specific plots, both of which are integral for the construction of the anticipated pickleball courts and the associated parking facilities designed to adequately manage vehicular influx. Spanning a cumulative area of approximately 3.53 acres, these properties hold the key to the brewing company’s innovative vision.

A unique feature of the outdoor sports courts is their layout, with the boundaries extending across the property line, thereby spilling over into the neighboring parcel from 9 Prestige Circle, making its way to 7 Prestige Circle. This unconventional design necessitates careful scrutiny and agreement from multiple stakeholders.

Furthermore, Armor Brewing Co. has unveiled plans to enhance the parking capacity of the soon-to-be-unveiled pub by incorporating an additional eight spots. At present, the brewpub is equipped with 47 parking spaces, falling short of the required 71. In order to bridge this gap, the company has entered into a shared parking arrangement with 7 Prestige Circle, thereby ensuring the provision of the remaining 24 parking slots mandated by municipal code.

To further accommodate patrons, the conceptual plan outlines the addition of 28 parking spaces to 7 Prestige Circle and another five to the pub’s own lot, thus significantly bolstering the parking capabilities of the venue.

Brewing more than just beer, Armor Brewing Co. is fervently striving to ferment a sense of communal spirit at its forthcoming brewpub. With an expected inauguration slated for the forthcoming fall, the company is keen on offering a local experience that brings community members together.

The selected site for the pub is currently demarcated as a light industrial zone. The introduction of pickleball courts represents a deviation from the zone’s existing approved uses. This discrepancy led to the unanimous decision by the Planning and Zoning Commission to escalate the matter to the council, thereby setting the stage for the forthcoming deliberation on June 27.

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