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American Girl is moving to a new, two-story space in Lake Highlands area next year

Dallas, Texas – In a transformative move that should happen sometime next year, the renowned doll brand American Girl confirmed that is transitioning from the Galleria to The Shops at Park Lane next year.

The brand, celebrated for its high-end and desirable dolls, has set into motion plans to inaugurate a sprawling 15,400-square-foot retail space spread across two levels in the heart of The Shops at Park Lane. These plans, clearly outlined in documents recently submitted to state regulators, estimate the total expenditure for this ambitious project at a staggering $9 million. The project’s life cycle, with construction poised to kick off in August, will culminate in late January.

Spokesperson Julie Parks, representing American Girl, affirmed that the grand opening of the store is slated for the early months of 2024. The new venue is projected to feature an array of exclusive amenities, including a full-service restaurant and personal shopping assistance. Additionally, it will host the signature Dolled Up Salon, providing an engaging experience with services such as doll and girl hairstyling, manicures, and ear piercing.

Reflecting on their prosperous 16-year tenure in the Dallas market, Parks expressed her excitement about the forthcoming store at The Shops at Park Lane.

“As we proudly celebrate more than 16 years in the Dallas market, the American Girl store at The Shops at Park Lane is the ideal location to reach new and existing fans in a unique, upscale, and family-friendly environment,” Parks said, according to Community Impact.

Located opposite NorthPark Center along the N. Central Expressway, The Shops at Park Lane benefits from the connectivity offered by a bridge spanning the highway and linking the two properties. This locale, nestled within one of Dallas’ key shopping precincts, extends several miles east and west along Northwest Highway, reaching as far as Abrams Road and Preston Road.

Galleria Dallas opted to remain tight-lipped about the lease expiration of the renowned American Girl store scheduled for this year. This comes amid the backdrop of the shopping center’s earlier plans for a significant redevelopment, which now necessitates new proprietorship. In a notable transaction last December, the ownership of this sprawling shopping mall, comprising a massive 1.9 million square feet spanned across three levels, along with an attached Westin Hotel, was ceded to a consortium of lenders.

Shifting focus to another locale, the American Girl outlet set to grace Park Lane will enjoy a prime location, sandwiched between Nordstrom Rack and situated directly opposite HomeGoods. This location strategy comes from Northwood Retail, the proprietor and orchestrator of The Shops at Park Lane. A spokesperson for Northwood Retail disclosed that the quest for the perfect concept to inhabit the conspicuous two-story end-cap had finally reached its conclusion. This experiential store is predicted to entice a varied demographic, ranging from local to regional shoppers, she commented.

With Christmas, a crucial period for toy retailers, looming on the horizon, it remains to be seen whether the Galleria store continues operations during this key sales window. This outlet holds the distinction of being the sole Texas store of the brand.

Rewinding to the store’s debut at the Galleria back in November 2007, it was met with a significant public response, with enthusiasts willing to camp out overnight to secure the coveted position of being the first among thousands to grace the store. As one of the pioneer outlets to initiate operations in select cities during the mid-2000s, the store has enjoyed a rich history. American Girl, a premier doll brand, has been a subsidiary of Mattel since 1998, and continues to maintain its operational headquarters in Middleton, Wisconsin, its birthplace in 1986. Despite enduring a series of permanent store closures during the pandemic, typically due to lease expirations at the end of a 15-year term, it maintains a strong presence with 10 outlets in the U.S. and six in Canada.

As for the looming closure of the Galleria store, Jevens, a representative for American Girl, refrained from disclosing a specific date. For further inquiries, they recommended reaching out at 877-247-5223 or visiting the website at www.americangirl.com.

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