Arlington is celebrating the summer! June events suitable for everyone in full swing this month

Arlington, Texas – As the fervor of summer sweeps across the calendar, June heralds an era of community celebration and al fresco merriment. On your radar should be a slate of invigorating events, orchestrated by Arlington Parks and Recreation.

Dottie Teen Quest Camps

Dottie Teen Quest Camps —Billed for Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Dottie Lynn Recreation Center opens its doors to dynamic mini-camps exclusively tailored for adolescents between 12-15 years. Envisaged as full-day exploration endeavors, these camps shuttle teens across the Metroplex, exposing them to a rich tapestry of experiences, be it in Art Appreciation, Game On, or Outdoor Adventures.

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Juneteenth Cookout

Juneteenth Cookout (50+ yrs) – Dated for Wednesday, June 14, seniors are extended an invitation to commemorate Juneteenth at the East Library and Recreation Center. Set to commence at noon, the celebration promises a medley of burgers, prizes, and distinctive features to honor this historical day. Attendees are encouraged to convene at the Senior Hall, where an array of delectable burgers, bedecked with a cornucopia of toppings, will be provided. Registration is necessary; please reach out at 817-275-1351.

Dallas Wings Game & Juneteenth Celebration Day Trip

Dallas Wings Game & Juneteenth Celebration Day Trip – Planned for Saturday, June 17, this adrenaline-filled day trip marries the exhilaration of basketball with the festivity of Juneteenth. Hosted by The Beacon Recreation Center, attendees are guaranteed an unparalleled cultural and sporting experience, highlighted by the Dallas Wings basketball game. The $40 ticket includes lunch and transportation to the College Park Center in Arlington.

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Let’s Get Fishy With It!

Let’s Get Fishy With It! – Designated for Friday, June 23, Cliff Nelson Recreation Center invites budding anglers to master the basics of fishing. From setting up a fishing pole to casting a line, the event is a whirlwind of nature-based activities designed to entertain and educate. Participation is complimentary, with paid activities also offered. A circumscribed number of fishing poles are available for communal use. No registration required; come and dive into the aquatic world!

GLOW Girls Nature Photography

GLOW Girls Nature Photography – On Saturday, June 24, F.J. Red Kane Park hosts a nature photography workshop for GLOW (Growing Leaders in Outdoor Wilderness) Girls. This initiative aims to equip young girls, aged 8-12, particularly those who lack access to outdoor programs, with fundamental photography skills.

The free workshop will instruct participants on photography basics, camera handling, and outdoor-based photo inspiration, as well as an introduction to photo editing. This program is financially supported by a grant from Texas Parks & Wildlife, ensuring continued development of these young, emerging leaders.

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