Arlington ISD Board Approves Fourth Consecutive Year of 4% Raises

Arlington Independent School District (ISD) Board of Trustees has approved new salary increases for all eligible employees. The decision was made during a board meeting held on Thursday night, with the aim of recruiting and retaining talented individuals to the district.

The board president, Melody Fowler, emphasized that one of the board’s priorities is to prioritize teacher and staff compensation to achieve their goal. Teachers, librarians, and other employees paid on the teacher salary scale will receive a 4% raise for the 2023-24 academic year, marking the fourth consecutive year that the board has approved such a raise. This raise comprises a general annual pay increase for the market median, amounting to $2,600. Notably, the starting rate for new teachers will be $62,500, and increased stipends are provided for athletics, bilingual teachers, special education teachers, and others. In addition, substituting teachers’ starting pay will increase to a minimum of $120, while retired teachers with degrees and certifications will be eligible for incentives of up to $175 per day.

The board has also approved pay increases for bus drivers and lead food service workers from $20.26 to $24.06, while teacher’s assistants, bus attendants, security personnel, and other support staff positions will also receive increases. Employees paid on salary schedules other than the teacher salary schedule will receive a general pay increase of 4% on their 2023-24 pay grade mid-point, with targeted adjustments to achieve market competitiveness and bring staff members closer to the mid-point of their pay grade.

The new measures have been introduced despite challenging times in the educational field, where the best and brightest individuals dedicated to education deserve fair compensation. Superintendent Dr. Marcelo Cavazos commended the board, stating that their commitment to the district’s employees is evident through the 4% raise approved for the fourth consecutive year.

The new salary increases are expected to attract and retain skilled professionals to Arlington ISD and enhance the quality of services provided by the district. Thus, the board is committed to supporting their employees by providing competitive compensation, ensuring the district continues to maintain excellent standards in education.

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