Arlington ISD is opening a special transfer window; students can easily transfer in from outside the district

Arlington, Texas – The Arlington Independent School District (AISD) is initiating a distinctive transfer window, launching at 9 a.m. on Thursday, July 6. This unique opportunity will endure until Thursday, July 20, providing a brief yet significant period for change.

Non-Arlington ISD students can easily transfer in, while Arlington ISD students can easily transfer from one school to another

During this opening, the district will welcome applications from pupils residing outside its borders, seeking admission for the academic year 2023-2024. Concurrently, current AISD students have the prospect to apply for a transfer within the district, potentially shifting their educational journey towards another school within its system.

The process of consideration adheres to a principle of first-come, first-served, though this is subject to the availability of space. A notable exception applies to sibling transfers targeting specialized programs.

For additional information regarding the intricacies of transfer procedures – either into or within Arlington ISD – the official website provides comprehensive details at Inquiries and concerns can be addressed via email at [email protected] or through a call to (682) 867-7217.

The Arlington Independent School District prides itself on offering diverse opportunities, catering to the unique needs of each child. If one seeks justification as to why AISD is the ideal choice, several compelling arguments are readily available:

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) start as early as pre-K 4 in Arlington ISD

The district prioritizes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) from as early as pre-K 4. Each elementary school within the AISD hosts two dedicated STEM labs, fostering exceptional opportunities for the budding intellects. The 2019 Bond has facilitated the implementation of two new age-specific playgrounds at every elementary school, ensuring ADA accessibility. In addition to STEM, the fine arts sector is equally nurtured, commencing from the elementary level with the provision of a strings room at every school. Instruments are generously supplied free of charge, removing financial barriers to artistic pursuits.

Arlington ISD offers huge athletic opportunities to students in junior high across the AISD’s ten campuses

A wide array of athletic opportunities commences in junior high across the AISD’s ten campuses. The sports curriculum extends beyond the conventional, including tennis and wrestling, with students benefiting from the direct tutelage of varsity head coaches. The district prides itself on offering the finest facilities, epitomized by the state-of-the-art natatorium opened in 2021 and the recently inaugurated Athletics Center located in Arlington’s vibrant entertainment district. Evidence of the district’s athletic prowess was highlighted during the National Signing Day ceremony where over 80 student-athletes participated, cumulatively securing scholarships exceeding $6 million.

Arlington ISD ninth graders at all high schools start taking classes that can help lead to jobs through programs 

The Arlington Independent School District (AISD) exemplifies inclusivity, yet to fully harness the power of the unique programs, it is advised to integrate prior to entering high school. This strategy is driven by the fact that the advanced curriculum options – encompassing two early college high schools, four Pathways in Technology Early College High (P-TECH) programs, and the STEM Academy at Martin High School – begin their application processes as early as the eighth grade. Moreover, the ninth-grade curriculum across all high schools introduces course content directed towards future career paths via programs offered at the avant-garde Dan Dipert Career & Technical Center.

Arlington ISD offers tailor-made educational journeys that encompass a variety of fields

While each AISD campus is committed to fostering an environment of excellence and providing unparalleled opportunities for every student, the district goes a step further with five specialized elementary school programs and six high school initiatives. These tailor-made educational journeys encompass a variety of fields, ranging from STEM and fine arts to leadership and dual language education. To supplement this, the district has recently introduced a junior high school with a dual-focus on fine arts and language, thereby amplifying our commitment to the dual language/fine arts elementary school programs already in place.

Arlington ISD offers huge community support

The current Arlington ISD, to which you contemplate transferring, is in a state of perpetual evolution, underpinned by a robust community that approved a $966 million bond in 2019. This capital infusion bolsters the 2014 Bond’s achievements, the fruits of which include the Dan Dipert Career & Technical Center, a state-of-the-art educational hub that guides students towards diverse avenues of success. This spirit of advancement is embodied in the Dr. Marcelo Cavazos Center for Visual and Performing Arts, a facility that stands unrivaled in the region. The driving forces of innovation and investment are powering the construction of new schools, upgrading existing campuses, and provisioning the students with unrivaled opportunities.

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