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Arlington ISD receives coveted Best Communities for Music Education designation for the 17th time

Arlington, Texas – Echoing an all too familiar tune, yet one that continues to harmonize with excellence, the Arlington Independent School District has yet again demonstrated their unwavering dedication to music education.

The NAMM Foundation, for the seventeenth consecutive time, has bestowed upon them the coveted Best Communities for Music Education distinction.

“Few districts offer the breadth of music experiences that Arlington does,” said Arlington ISD director of fine arts Dr. Christopher Anderson. “From the extraordinary Center for Visual and Performing Arts down to the fact that every student gets weekly music instruction at the elementary level, we have distinguished ourselves as one of the top 4% of districts nationwide for access to excellent music education. The continued support of the board of trustees, the superintendent and the community makes this one of the premier places for children to receive music training.”

Such a distinction could not be realized without the unflinching support from various quarters. The Board of Trustees, the superintendent, and the community coalesce, contributing to the creation of an ideal milieu for nurturing young musical minds.

To merit the Best Communities designation, Arlington ISD undertook an exhaustive evaluation process. The procedure entailed responding to in-depth inquiries regarding various facets like funding, graduation prerequisites, participation in music classes, instruction duration, facility adequacy, support for the music curriculum, and community engagement in music programs. The district’s responses underwent meticulous verification by school officials and subsequent evaluation by the distinguished Music Research Institute at the University of Kansas.

Supporting the NAMM Foundation’s noble cause is the National Association of Music Merchants, along with its expansive network of 15,000 member enterprises and individual professionals. The foundation, a not-for-profit entity, champions the cause of lifelong active participation in music. It accomplishes this by fostering scientific research, championing philanthropic contributions, and supporting public service programs. More information on the NAMM Foundation can be gleaned from their official website

Thus, as the metaphorical record continues to play, Arlington ISD continues to hit the high notes, striking the right chord with their unwavering commitment to music education.

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