At-risk Lewisville ISD students can take night courses at Lewisville Learning Center

At the June 12th Board meeting, an agreement was reached to perpetuate the optional flexible school day program (OFSDP) within Lewisville Independent School District (LISD). This decision primarily serves to benefit “at-risk” students who are eligible for evening classes offered at the district’s designated educational institution, the Lewisville Learning Center.

Under the auspices of district officials, the OFSDP initiative provides a valuable mechanism to compute the weighted average daily attendance for those students enrolling in the night school curriculum. This effective model, unique to LISD, reflects the district’s ongoing commitment to embrace a diverse set of learners within its purview.

This recent board approval builds on the precedent set by LISD in the 2008-09 academic year when it first integrated the OFSDP program into its system. LISD officials underscored their commitment to the initiative, applauding its success in achieving the district’s long-term goal of increasing the graduation rates among its student population.

The OFSDP offers an academic lifeline to a “greater percentage of students” than other, more traditional, educational programs. The program, specifically designed to cater to students who adhere to state guidelines as being susceptible to dropping out of school—including those who have already done so—proffers a solution to this pervasive issue. Additionally, it extends its benefits to students attending an institution adopting an innovative design or those enrolled in an approved early college high school program.

According to an internal district memo, the funding provision for the OFSDP as dictated by the Texas Education Code 29.0822, is correlated to the weighted average daily attendance. The allocated funding is computed on a prorated basis, contingent upon the duration each qualifying student engages with the program.

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