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Ben Coogan is set to take over as the new CEO at Medical City Plano on June 26

Plano, Texas – In an announcement that further reaffirms Medical City Plano’s commitment to transformative leadership, the hospital has confirmed the appointment of Ben Coogan as its new Chief Executive Officer. This strategically significant move, effective from June 26, aligns with the hospital’s objective to sustain and enhance its preeminent stature in the medical landscape.

An alumnus of Medical City Plano, Coogan has ascended the leadership ladder with his stint at Medical City Fort Worth as its CEO, demonstrating a significant presence in the healthcare sector. In the transition, Coogan will be succeeding Jyric Sims, an eminent figure who has recently been elevated to the role of President at the West Florida Division of HCA Healthcare.

Commanding the helm of a hospital complex, comprising of 600 acute care beds and boasting a dedicated workforce of over 2,200 employees, Coogan is positioned to steer Medical City Plano towards new horizons of medical excellence.

Coogan’s tenure at Medical City Fort Worth was marked by momentous achievements, notably the initiation of several innovative programs and a successful amplification of organ transplant services. These feats of progress were detailed in the hospital’s press release, which also highlighted his instrumental role in a comprehensive $30 million facility expansion project.

Initiating his journey in the healthcare realm nearly two decades ago, Coogan’s career genesis was at Medical City Plano, as a marketing representative. His upward trajectory witnessed numerous progressive roles within the Baylor Healthcare System, notably as a physician liaison, administrative director of Accelecare Wound Center, practice administrator, and area administrator. His professional voyage eventually led him back to his roots, at Medical City Healthcare, where he held several executive roles at illustrious healthcare institutions including Medical City Dallas, Medical City Children’s Hospital, Medical City Arlington, and Medical City Fort Worth.

Coogan has added to his diverse portfolio the distinction of having been the CEO of Medical City Dallas, Medical City Children’s Hospital, and Medical City Arlington. This comprehensive array of leadership experiences, coupled with his unparalleled commitment to healthcare excellence, underpins Coogan’s suitability for this new role, poised to usher in a new era of patient-centric services and innovative healthcare solutions at Medical City Plano.

“Ben is a collaborative leader dedicated to providing outstanding and compassionate patient-centered care for our community,” Medical City Healthcare President Allen Harrison said in the release. “Building on the hospitals’ strong legacies of leadership and world-class care, I am confident he will lead Medical City Plano to the next level of health care excellence.”

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  1. He will be great addition to the team. He is a proven professional and future growth with such a leader is almost certain. Job well done!

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