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Birdcall brings variety of delicious chicken sandwiches and milkshakes in Frisco early in July

Frisco, Texas – Poised to add a fresh twist to the Dallas culinary scene, Birdcall, a Denver-based restaurant concept recognized for its delectable all-natural crispy chicken sandwich, made its first foray into Texas earlier this year. The innovative restaurant in Carrollton replaced the erstwhile Taco Cabana at 3232 E. Hebron Parkway, with its official opening late in the spring.

Birdcall started making delicious chicken sandwiches and milkshakes in 2016

The brainchild of industry stalwarts Peter Newlin and Jean-Philippe Failyau, Birdcall first saw the light of day in 2016. The duo, noted for establishing groundbreaking Denver-based eateries such as Park Burger and Homegrown Tap & Dough, brought Birdcall to life with two central aims.

Their first objective was to redefine the ‘chicken sandwich’ experience and elevate it beyond the ordinary. The second, and equally significant, was to bring about a radical transformation in the modus operandi of fast-food establishments.

Simultaneously, the Birdcall founders are deeply committed to nurturing a symbiotic relationship with the local communities where they set up shop, with an emphasis on fostering ties with local suppliers. This commitment underscores their passion for the local economy and the communities they serve.

Birdcall’s menu has something for everyone

Their enticing menu is a cornucopia of eight signature sandwiches:

  • Original with crispy chicken and dill pickles
  • Deluxe, with crispy chicken, bacon, pepper jack cheese, tomato, and lettuce
  • Nashville with Nashville hot sauce and sweet pickles
  • Southern with crispy chicken, pimento cheese spread, and slaw
  • Buffalo with crispy chicken, buffalo sauce, blue cheese slaw, and tomato
  • Rancher with crispy chicken white cheddar cheese, bacon red onion jam, and BBQ sauce
  • Grilled chicken Caesar with grilled chicken, a Parmesan cheese crisp, lettuce, tomato, & Caesar dressing
  • Veggie with crispy tofu, peanut slaw, cilantro, and sriracha aioli

Moreover, Birdcall’s offerings extend beyond sandwiches, with a selection of succulent chicken tenders and five distinct salads: Buffalo Chicken, Asian Salad, Chicken Caesar, Cobb (affectionately dubbed “chop”), and a nutrition-packed Kale-Quinoa. With sandwiches priced between $7 and $9, and salads ranging from $9.25 to $11.25, Birdcall aims to cater to a wide variety of palates without breaking the bank.

Birdcall is opening new location in Frisco early next month

The Denver-based Birdcall is on course to further expand its Texan footprint, with its second establishment primed to open its doors on July 10 at 5350 Preston Road in Frisco, as per the latest press release.

This avant-garde restaurant chain, celebrated for its robust assortment of sandwiches, will once again showcase its famed culinary variety, including crispy chicken, succulent grilled chicken, and its progressive plant-based patties, all of which come paired with an array of accompaniments including cheese, pickles, and hot sauce, among other toppings.

Patrons at the forthcoming restaurant will have the opportunity to indulge in a broad spectrum of dishes.

The opening of the Preston Road location comes on the heels of Birdcall’s initial venture into Texas, with a restaurant that began operations in Carrollton earlier in the year.

Further augmenting its Texas presence, Birdcall plans to establish additional locations in Richardson and Dallas before the close of 2023, as revealed in the aforementioned news release. This continued expansion signals Birdcall’s commitment to becoming a mainstay in the Texan fast-food industry.

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