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Branch Out Dallas program is running for fifth year, Dallas residents can apply for free tree

Dallas, Texas – In an ambitious ecological endeavor aimed at bolstering the urban canopy, the city of Dallas has inaugurated the registration period for its fifth annual “Branch Out Dallas” initiative, spearheaded by the venerated Dallas Forestry Team. From September 5 until the looming deadline of September 30, homeowners residing within the city’s precincts are afforded the unique opportunity to enroll online for a free 5-gallon tree, slated for distribution on the forthcoming Dallas Arbor Day, set for November 4th.

City of Dallas plans to give away 2,500 trees for free to Dallas residents

According to an official announcement disseminated by the municipality, the forestry unit is primed to allocate an estimated 2,500 saplings for this year’s endeavor. Participants have been granted the liberty to opt for one among an eclectic selection of six indigenous tree species: namely, bur oak, sycamore, Mexican plum, American elm, shumard oak, and lacebark elm.

You can register here.

Sarah Standifer, who currently serves in an interim capacity as the Director of Dallas Water Utilities, elucidated the far-reaching environmental ramifications of this initiative in a recent press release.

“Trees reduce the amount of stormwater runoff to drainage systems, help cool temperatures, improve air quality and mitigate the heat island effect,” said Standifer.

Eligibility criteria stipulate that prospective recipients must be bona fide homeowners in the Dallas jurisdiction. Moreover, to ensure equitable distribution, the initiative has instated a one-tree-per-household limitation.

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Come November 4, these verdant assets will be disseminated between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon at a sextet of strategically positioned locations across the city. These sites include Bishop Lynch High School, located at 9750 Ferguson Road; Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep, situated at 9701 San Leon Ave; St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic School on 4019 S. Hampton Road; Tyler Street Church at 927 W. 10th St.; Marsh Lane Baptist Church, which is found at 10716 Marsh Lane; and June Shelton School, addressed at 17301 Preston Road.

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