Chamber of Commerce gives Arlington ISD high schools seniors scholarships worth $2-5,000

Arlington, Texas – A selection of seniors from six different Arlington ISD high schools have received scholarships varying from $2,000 to $5,000, courtesy of the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce and the Pettinger Foundation.

The Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce’s Scholarship Program (GACSP) offers a scholarship of up to $2,500 to outgoing seniors, which can be applied to any college or university of their preference. Meanwhile, the Pettinger Foundation sponsors the Innovation Scholarship (ISP), which provides $5,000 to two seniors who have aspirations to undertake a four-year degree in science, engineering, or mathematics at The University of Texas at Arlington.

The director of education, workforce, and community development at the Chamber, Alicia Collins-Butler, takes pride in presenting both scholarships.

“The Greater Arlington Chamber knows that one of the best ways to develop a strong business community and the economy is to invest in the future workforce of greater Arlington,” Collins-Butler said. “Providing the youth with several scholarship opportunities is a way to help them engage in a higher education and open doors that were possibly closed before. Through our fantastic partnerships, we provide four scholarship programs that are targeted at bettering our future leaders.”

Jonathan Torres, a senior at Arlington High School, expressed his gratitude upon being chosen as one of the beneficiaries of this year’s scholarships, and eagerly anticipates putting this scholarship to good use in his initial semester of college.

“I am so grateful to receive the Greater Arlington Chamber Scholarship,” he said. “The scholarship will help with textbooks and school supplies, so I’m really grateful I was selected.”

Leila Perez, a counselor at Arlington High School, was instrumental in organizing the senior ceremony for Arlington High graduates and was overjoyed for each award recipient.

“It is a joy to watch these seniors celebrate their achievements with their families!” she said. “Each award is a culmination of the students’ daily hard work, sacrifice and perseverance.”

This year’s Chamber scholarship winners include:

Arlington Collegiate High School

  • Luis Fernando Compean – ISP – $5,000
  • Maria Ortega – GACCSP – $2,500

Arlington High School

  • Grace Ressl – GACCSP – $2,500
  • Jonathan Torres – GACCSP – $2,000

Bowie High School

  • Kevin Vazquez – ISP – $5,000
  • Joanna Trinh – GACCSP – $2,500

Lamar High School

  • Emily Buechele – GACCSP – $2,500
  • Joanna Arellano – GACCSP – $2,000

Martin High School

  • Nicole Guarderas – GACCSP – $2,500

Sam Houston High School

  • Cinthya Zavala – GACCSP – $2,500

Scholarship Tips

Sophomores and juniors eager to vie for scholarships such as the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce scholarship and the Innovation Scholarships can begin their journey by cataloguing their academic, extracurricular, voluntary, and professional achievements. This inventory will serve as a valuable reference for building their applications.

To enhance their chances, students are encouraged to enroll in advanced-level courses, nurture positive relationships with their educators, and seize leadership opportunities available throughout the academic year and the summer period.

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