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Chicago-based hot dog restaurant chain is working on new locations in north Fort Worth and Arlington

DALLAS, Texas — The renowned Chicago-based hot dog restaurant franchise, Portillo’s, is primed to extend its culinary territory further across North Texas, with the precise locations now coming to light.

The company is assiduously laying plans for new branches in north Fort Worth, Arlington, and Allen, as corroborated by digital documentation and company representatives. The announcement of the Allen outpost, slated for an advantageous spot just to the south of Allen Premium Outlets mall, came earlier in the month. Subsequent confirmation of Arlington and Fort Worth ventures emerged through the virtual vault of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

This unveiling of the Fort Worth location first broke cover in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Meanwhile, Portillo’s has remained reticent about releasing concrete dates for these gastronomic openings, though they have suggested that both the Allen and Arlington establishments are penciled in for grand openings within the year.

The Arlington branch is set to grace the landscape at 4200 S. Cooper Street, opposite the bustling Parks Mall, while the Fort Worth location is poised for placement at the intersection of Tarrant and Tehama Ridge Parkways. The latter, interestingly, has been earmarked “for review only” in licensing records, suggesting potential alterations.

Construction timelines project completion of the Arlington branch this spring, with the Fort Worth location following suit in December 2023. Both estimations are drawn from digital archives.

The North Texas landscape welcomed its first Portillo’s in The Colony on January 18, a grand arrival that quickly won the hearts (and palates) of North Texans. The substantial 7,900-square-foot establishment swiftly achieved an impressive daily revenue average of $48,000, according to figures unveiled during the company’s first-quarter earnings call.

Portillo’s, a publicly traded entity ($PTLO), enjoys a prominent listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The Colony branch, upon its grand opening, was deemed the company’s premium location nationwide, drawing an enthusiastic reception that set a high bar for its impending sister locations.

“This means it’s been matching the volumes of restaurants in Chicago that have been open for decades,” Portillo’s CEO Michael Osanloo said on the March 2 earnings call. “Specifically, The Colony has averaged $48,000 in sales per day since the grand opening. Now, that annualizes to $17 million per year; and that’s a crazy number, so please don’t model that. It’s definitely coming down. But we feel really good that this restaurant will significantly exceed our underwriting expectations and sets us up for further success in Texas as we continued to expand.”

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