Construction of Kroger Marketplace in north Plano to begin this summer

On July 31, a new Kroger Marketplace store will commence its construction in north Plano, as per a filing with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The grocery store will be established at the intersection of SH 121 and Coit Road, thereby adding another outlet of the popular franchise to its roster.

The new Kroger store will position itself across from the other branch of Kroger, which exists at 9700 Coit Road. Kroger spokesperson John Votava said in an email that there are currently no specifics on any potential updates for the existing branch. With the construction slated to be completed on May 27, 2024, planning for this forthcoming store had begun in late 2020.

Additionally, Kroger has plans to unveil new Marketplace stores in other locations like Fort Worth and Melissa. Locations and other details will be announced at groundbreaking events this summer. The Kroger Marketplace format provides a multidepartment store model that includes an extensive range of general merchandise, such as electronics, apparel, outdoor living, home goods, toys, and full service grocery and pharmacy facilities.

The announcement of the new Kroger store has generated excitement and buzz amongst Plano’s locals. The introduction of a new grocery outlet at SH 121 and Coit Road, one of the busiest intersections in the area, is predicted to increase foot traffic to the vicinity, benefitting other local businesses. With fortified general merchandise options available, Kroger’s Marketplace stores have been a revelation in the grocery sector and remain the go-to destination for shoppers seeking both groceries and general merchandise.

Kroger Marketplace stores are one of the leading omnichannel grocery providers, offering exceptional customer services while prioritizing convenience for its customers. With the incorporation of new technology and comprehensive logistics, Kroger has established itself as a forerunner of change within the grocery industry.

In conclusion, the onset of construction for a new Kroger Marketplace store in north Plano marks the beginning of another chapter in Kroger’s rise to success. With its innovative format blueprint and strict adherence to customer needs, it is clear that Kroger enjoys a bright future ahead in the grocery industry.

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