Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s $2 billion Silver Line project: Lane closures set to disrupt traffic

Dallas, Texas – Amid a multifaceted infrastructural evolution, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is poised to implement lane closures in conjunction with the advancement of its Silver Line project.

Closures are planned from September 25 to end of October 2023

As per an official communication dispatched from the agency, beginning September 25, vehicular movement around Coppell’s pivotal Fairway Drive and East Belt Line Road junction will witness periodic obstructions, with the cessation projected to extend into the brisk days of November.

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The endeavor, segmented into a tripartite developmental trajectory, has earmarked the northbound lane along Fairway Drive for closure. This stipulated modification, kicking off on September 25, will span until the end of October. Notably, during this phase, the southward transit flow will persevere in its customary rhythm, unimpacted by the constructional undertakings.

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DART’s Silver Line, an ambitious infrastructural behemoth, comes with a formidable price tag exceeding $2 billion. Once operational, this transit marvel is anticipated to commence its service to the public either in the twilight of 2025 or, at the latest, by the zenith of 2026.

As the project’s chronology unfolds, post the culmination of the initial phase, drivers are cautioned of impending disruptions. Specifically, the southbound lane will yield to closures spanning from mid-October to the dawn of November.

In a culmination of engineering precision and logistical finesse, the project’s terminal phase, earmarked for early to mid-November, will necessitate a complete shutdown of the thoroughfare. During this juncture, vehicular traffic will be judiciously rerouted, circumventing the bustling construction nexus.

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