Dallas based nonprofit needs community support to remain operational

Dallas, Texas – Navigating turbulent financial waters, the Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national non-profit organization established in the wake of the horrific school shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24, 2022, is locked in a battle for survival.

A team comprised solely of dedicated volunteers leads this organization on the national front, yet their commendable efforts are currently threatened by an unsettling scarcity of funds.

June 15 witnessed the Foundation’s public cry for financial assistance. Leaders of this altruistic organization announced the initiation of a nationwide fundraising campaign, targeting an ambitious goal of $5,000. This objective, the Foundation articulates, is paramount to ensure the continuation of their expansive, multi-tiered services beyond the dawn of the subsequent month.

Their precarious financial position, the Foundation suggests, is borne from a combination of fiscal factors. A press release from the organization alludes to the scarcity of donations as a notable element in their current predicament. In addition, the Foundation’s philanthropic choice to abstain from levying fees or soliciting donations in exchange for their benevolent assistance is another contributing factor flagged by the officials.

The Uvalde Foundation is doggedly committed to their mission: the prevention of school violence across academic campuses and communities nationwide. Their involvement extends to various critical aspects of school safety, tackling issues from bullying and gun violence to mental health care, a commitment born from the brutal experiences of the Uvalde school shooting.

Recently, the Foundation’s meritorious efforts were acknowledged by an invitation to address a special session on school violence at the Nashville Metro Council. The gathering, scheduled for June 21 in Nashville, Tennessee, is in response to the Covenant School shooting.

From its inception, the Uvalde Foundation For Kids has been a beacon of resilience, lending its expertise in school shooting response and care to multiple academic institutions. Their footprint spans the nation, with previous involvements including Michigan State University, the Allen Premium Outlets shooting, and Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia.

The survival of such an organization, therefore, is not just essential but imperative in our ongoing fight against school violence.

If you are interested to make a donation and keep the nonprofit’s cause alive, click here to donate!

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  1. There are dozens of nonprofit organizations in Dallas, but I would rather continue to donate to those that provide food and basic stuff to Dallas local residents

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