Dallas County makes a comeback

Explosive Growth in Dallas’ Collin and Denton Counties Drives Population Gain, Per U.S. Census Report

Exciting news for North Texas! The U.S. Census released new data yesterday revealing that the region’s growth has once again gained momentum. Despite some urban counties in the South and West still grappling with pandemic-induced population declines, the census report shows that many areas are now rebounding and edging towards pre-pandemic levels. In particular, the population of Dallas County, the eighth most populous county in the United States in 2022, has shown promising signs of recovery with the gain of nearly 13,000 people – or 0.5% – between 2021 and 2022, marking the county’s fastest increase since 2017.

As reported by independent publication FrontBurner, the explosive growth in North Texas has been a topic of discussion for several years. While Dallas County itself had seen a recent exodus of residents, other counties have been bustling. The new census data, however, showcases an encouraging surge in population growth for Dallas County, which is a reassuring signal of North Texas’ continued economic vitality.

In the wake of the news, many are waiting to hear from Mayor Eric Johnson for his reaction to the report. So far, the mayor has yet to release a statement on social media, but folks who want to reminisce about his campaign yard signs from four years ago can still connect with him on Twitter.

Despite the pandemic’s continuing impact on daily life and the economy, this positive news reinforces hopes for a brighter future in North Texas, especially as the region prepares to welcome many new residents in the coming years. An increase in population drives growth in multiple sectors, including housing, retail, hospitality, and more, and inspires new developments and opportunities for the local community. North Texas continues to demonstrate its resilience and potential, and we look forward to monitoring the region’s progress in the years to come.

Lillie Fuller

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