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Dallas Cowboys to splurge $180m on Arlington’s AT&T stadium upgrade, transforming the venue for the upcoming soccer World Cup

Arlington, Texas – In a seminal move aimed at revitalizing the 14-year-old AT&T Stadium, the Dallas Cowboys have initiated the bureaucratic wheels of change, filing documents with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation that illuminate a grand vision for the venue. The documents indicate an ambitious financial outlay of $180 million, earmarked for an exhaustive “interior refresh of premium clubs and suites, augmented with new millwork and finishes.”

The first phase of the renovation to start early next year

Slated to commence on the 2nd day of January, 2024, the interior reimagining forms a substantial element of a more comprehensive, previously announced $295 million renovation scheme. The exhaustive undertaking is expected to reach its culmination in July of 2025, signaling a new epoch in the stadium’s history.

As the intricacies of the renovation master plan continue to unravel, additional undertakings are poised for future disclosure. Among these anticipated ancillary projects are enhancements to the AT&T video board, as well as the strategic relocation and expansion of concession and merchandise outposts.

Notably, the original architectural firm responsible for the stadium’s construction, HKS Inc., is cited as the creative force that will preside over the impending upgrades. This lends an element of symmetry to the venue’s evolution, as it brings the original designers back into the fold for this pivotal chapter.

AT&T Stadium is getting prepared for the 2026 World Cup

Beyond the scope of immediate renovations, AT&T Stadium looms large on the international stage, designated as a venue for select games in the 2026 World Cup. This has engendered a buzz of speculation that Arlington could potentially be bestowed with the honor of hosting the World Cup Final. However, such conjectures remain within the realm of unofficial chatter, as FIFA has yet to make a conclusive pronouncement on the matter.

With these manifold developments, AT&T Stadium stands at the cusp of a transformative journey that will indubitably solidify its standing as a premier global sports destination.

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