Dallas-Fort Worth universities shine in Texas college rankings

Dallas, Texas – In a recent report, the U.S. News and World Report unveiled its comprehensive 2024 Best Colleges in Texas undergraduate rankings, an evaluative compilation that employs a multitude of criteria, ranging from academic rigor and excellence to the daunting levels of graduate indebtedness and student retention rates.

This assessment, encompassing thousands of higher education institutions both public and private, has elevated three distinguished universities located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area to the upper echelons of educational prominence within the State of Texas.

Three North Texas universities ranked among top 10 among 87 statewide

Among the 87 academic establishments scrutinized in this judiciously conducted survey, Southern Methodist University (SMU), situated in the heart of Dallas, emerged as the fourth preeminent institution within the state. It follows closely on the heels of Houston’s Rice University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Texas A&M University situated in College Station.

Intriguingly, SMU’s standing is not confined to regional or state accolades; it concurrently holds a national rank of 89th, sharing this notable distinction with institutions as geographically diverse as Temple University in Philadelphia, Fordham University in New York, and the University of South Florida in Tampa.

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Not to be eclipsed, Texas Christian University (TCU) ranks a commendable sixth within the confines of the Lone Star State. On a national spectrum, TCU is wedged in a multiple-institution tie for the 98th position, a rank it shares with other formidable contenders such as the University of Oregon, Rutgers University-Camden, and the University of San Diego.

Narrowly trailing TCU, the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) has been awarded the seventh rank at the state level. This laudable status is buttressed by a national rank of 115, a standing that places it in a confluence with several other universities across the United States.

University of Texas at Austin continues to maintain high rank nationwide

In a noteworthy development that adheres to established expectations, the University of Texas at Austin maintains its unassailable position as the apex public university in Texas. Elevating its prestige, the institution has ascended to the ninth rank nationally among public educational establishments. Moreover, it has made an audacious leap of six slots, rising from 38th to 32nd when gauged against both public and private universities on a national scale.

“UT’s continued upward rankings trajectory is a reflection of the exceptional talent we continue to attract; our commitment to unmatched academic, research, and campus experiences that are life-changing and affordable; and the opportunities that exist in Austin as an innovation and cultural hub,” said President Jay Hartzell said in a released statement Monday, as reported by NBC DFW.

“Many of our top-ranked programs in computer science, artificial intelligence, engineering, design, business, and psychology are major contributors to the U.S. economy and position our graduates for tremendous career opportunities, where they can have significant impact and change the world.”

The full report and rankings can be read here.

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