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Dallas Hit-and-Run Victim’s Family Seeks Closure After Suspect Nears Plea Deal

This past weekend, the Watley family in Dallas received a call from the Dallas County District Attorney’s office, bringing an end to their long awaited resolution. Kenneth Connors III, 29, the suspect of the fatal hit-and-run of Billy Watley in September, accepted a plea deal of seven years in prison.

Billy’s daughters Alyssa and Haley were told to prepare victim impact statements for Monday morning. Alyssa, the eldest of the two daughters, spoke to FOX 4 about her feelings towards the situation. “I really just want it done and over with. I really don’t want to have to see him again,” she said.

The plea deal that Connors accepted on Friday was not the first one he was offered. Back in February, the Dallas County DA’s office had offered Connors a plea deal, however he did not take it. The Watley daughters attended the court date expecting to give victim impact statements, and will be ready once again on Monday.

Surveillance video from the night of the hit-and-run shows Billy riding his bicycle down Kleberg Road in Southeast Dallas when a white SUV hit him from behind. Billy was thrown into the grass and was pronounced dead at the scene, with the SUV’s brake lights briefly illuminating as it pulled over. Connors reportedly got out of the vehicle, but left without helping.

Alyssa Watley is finding solace in the values that her parents instilled in her. “That’s how we were raised,” Alyssa said, “I’ve been working through the forgiveness phase of my grief.” However, Alyssa still wishes for more time with her father. “He took away what he could have been 10 years from now,” she added.

The Watley family has finally come to a resolution after months of waiting. While nothing can replace the loss of Billy Watley, Connors’ plea deal of seven years in prison is a step forward for the family, who will be facing the suspect on Monday as they read their victim impact statements.

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