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Dallas ISD and the City of Dallas to hold Mayor’s Back to School Fair on August 4 as North Texas students prepare for school

Dallas, Texas – As the summer break for thousands of North Texas students is getting to its end, parents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are diligently preparing their children for the imminent return to school.

2023 Mayor’s Back to School Fair set to take place on August 4

The 2023 Mayor’s Back to School Fair is set to convene on the 4th of August, offering an invaluable lifeline to students and families in the form of complimentary school supplies. This noteworthy initiative is the result of a collective enterprise involving the Dallas Independent School District (ISD), the City of Dallas, numerous corporate entities, non-profit organizations, and a cohort of dedicated volunteers.

According to information available on the fundraising initiative’s official website, eligibility for this provision is restricted to families who are either residents of Dallas or have children attending a Dallas ISD institution.

Families attending the Mayor’s Back to School Fair are required to bring ID combined with at least another document

To demonstrate their qualification, families are mandated to present a valid photographic identification, coupled with tangible evidence of residence within the Dallas city limits. Acceptable documents include, but are not limited to, a utility bill, a rent statement, or a mortgage statement. Additionally, it is imperative that the presented documentation confirms the family’s income does not exceed the federal poverty threshold for the year 2023.

As stated on the official website, students attending other schools within the City of Dallas who are under similar financial constraints are also eligible. Prospective beneficiaries can expedite their application process by pre-registering for the event on the website.

The much-anticipated event is slated to unfold at the Fair Park, with proceedings commencing at 8 a.m. and drawing to a close at 2 p.m.

When are North Texas students getting back to school: Dallas ISD, Fort Worth ISD, schools across Texas

The educational calendars of the two most populous districts in North Texas, Dallas Independent School District (DISD) and Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD), are set to unfurl their banners on the 14th of August. This date looms closer than for many other districts in the state, heightening the annual anticipation associated with the return to school.

Dallas ISD

In Dallas, families are fast approaching their last opportunity to enroll for the eagerly awaited Mayor’s Back-to-School Fair, an annual event organized to support pupils in getting their hands on school necessities such as backpacks and other indispensable supplies.

The event, extending beyond mere material provision, offers students access to health screenings and haircuts, among other resources, aiming to ensure an optimistic kickoff to the new academic year. The deadline for registration stands as the upcoming Saturday.

Fort Worth ISD

A similar ethos underlies the Back-to-School Roundup, hosted annually by Tarrant County for the benefit of Fort Worth students. Scheduled for the following month, the initiative is poised to furnish approximately 10,000 qualifying low-income students with essential academic supplies.

Echoing the service-minded spirit of the Dallas event, this roundup will also provide social services, haircuts, physical examinations, and additional sundries.

Even though the official registration has concluded, the district reassures families who failed to pre-register that a portion of supplies reserved for mid-event distribution will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

More Info: backtoschoolroundup.org/online-preregistration

School districts across Texas

Casting the net wider across the state of Texas, families are poised to take advantage of an upcoming tax-free weekend.

Scheduled for the second weekend of August, this unique period allows for the purchase of most apparel, shoes, school supplies, and backpacks priced below $100, all exempt from sales tax.

This initiative provides an invaluable opportunity for households across the state to acquire their much-needed school essentials at a significantly reduced cost.

More Info: comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/publications/98-490/

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