Dallas ISD Grants surprise vacation days in October

In an effort to revitalize the academic calendar, Dallas Independent School District (DISD) has made the executive decision to integrate a novel fall break into this academic year’s schedule, granting both students and campus staff a respite.

Dallas ISD implements fall break for students from October 12 to October 16

The scheduled hiatus is slated for Thursday, October 12, followed by Friday, October 13, effectively shuttering campuses for these two days.

Subsequent to this brief interlude, educators will reconvene on Monday, October 16, embarking on an intensive professional development day, devised to hone their pedagogical skills. Students, on the other hand, will mark their academic return a day later, resuming their scholarly pursuits on Tuesday, October 17.

Intriguingly, this inaugural fall break exhibits a serendipitous alignment with the district’s established “Fair Days.” To ascertain the specifics of their designated Fair Day, parents, guardians, and students are earnestly advised to liaise with their individual schools.

Amidst this backdrop, the State Fair of Texas has proactively instituted a new policy directive for the year 2023 with respect to younger attendees. All individuals, aged 17 and below, are now mandated to be chaperoned by an individual aged 21 or above, effective daily from 5 p.m. Furthermore, to uphold the sanctity of the fair and ensure a convivial atmosphere, any student exhibiting behavior deemed unlawful or perilous will be promptly extricated from the State Fair premises. The overarching aim is to safeguard this distinguished event, ensuring it remains both an enjoyable and secure endeavor for all participants.

Additional information can be found on the Fair’s website. Click the link for more Education news.

Thurs., Oct. 12 Fri., Oct. 13 Mon., Oct. 16 Tues., Oct. 17
All campuses closed All campuses closed Teachers return for professional development. 

Student holiday.

Students return to campuses.

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