Dallas ISD introduces Edulog App for real-time bus updates to help parents track their children’s rides

Dallas, Texas – As the first light of Monday morning dawns, Dallas Independent School District (DISD) will not only set its fleet of school buses into motion but also inaugurate an innovative technological advancement that promises to enhance the communication between parents and the transportation system that serves their children.

“It’s all about efficiency,” says Jamie Sandoval, the district’s executive director of student transportation services, as reported by CBS Texas. “We want to be efficient, and effective and increase our on-time performance.”

Dallas ISD introduces Edulog App for real-time bus updates to help parents track their children’s rides

The cutting-edge technology, christened Edulog, is oriented toward the integration of real-time data, available at the parents’ fingertips. Access to this cloud-based application is tightly restricted, necessitating parents to authenticate using their student’s unique district information. Once validated, the application furnishes real-time information, revolutionizing how parents interact with the system.

“They can track the bus without having to call and ask, ‘Where’s my bus? I’ve been waiting here for 10 minutes,'” Sandoval said. “Now, you can just log in very quickly, very easily and locate your bus. You can see exactly where they are. There’s a traffic piece where you can see how much traffic they’re in, so it’s going to be a lot easier.”

Edulog has been installed on every Dallas Independent School District school bus

In a tangible embodiment of this technology, tablets that facilitate the connection to this sophisticated system have been meticulously installed on every DISD bus. These devices are securely locked in stands, and their accessibility by drivers is assiduously restricted to ensure safety. Not merely a static device, these tablets have the dynamic capability to display route information, a feature that holds particular significance if a substitute must unexpectedly assume control of a bus route.

“If a bus driver has to change buses for whatever reason, the system will know exactly what bus that child is on,” Sandoval said.

Complementing Edulog, a secondary system known as Samsara will be instituted internally, focusing on intricate safety protocols. It marks the beginning of a concerted effort within the district, where drivers will be mandated to perform rigorous pre and post-trip inspections.

“We have to actually scan the front of our bus, the sides, the back,” explained Tamara Richardson, a DISD bus driver. “When we log in, we take a picture and upload it.”

The same intricate network that fuels real-time parental engagement is also poised to convey vital safety data directly to district staff.

“If you have to brake hard, it will alert them and then they can see what happened,” Richardson said. “Cars do sometimes cut us off. It’s for our safety.”

Edulog will not replace cameras in buses, they will remain operational

Despite the technological novelties, foundational mainstays that have characterized the transportation system will persist. Cameras that record all activities within and in proximity to the bus will remain integral. The district’s commitment to the safety and well-being of the students is further underscored by the continuation of a system that mandates drivers to meticulously inspect buses to ensure that all passengers have disembarked safely.

“When we turn the bus off, it’s gonna buzz,” Richardson said. “So, for us to turn the buzzer off, we have to walk to the back of the bus. There’s a button we have to push and we look between the seats and even on the floor.”

Speaking from the perspective of both an insider and a parent, Richardson encapsulates the sentiment toward these advancements with a resounding affirmation: “Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.”

To facilitate smooth integration, a flier replete with detailed instructions on how to access the app will be distributed to DISD bus riders on Monday. For those seeking additional guidance, the information will be concurrently available on the district website.

In an attuned response to the seasonal challenges, particularly the blistering heat that characterizes this time of year, the district will demonstrate flexibility in previously stringent regulations. According to Sandoval, a nod to practicality and compassion will permit students to bring water and sports drinks onto the buses.

The multifaceted changes unveiled by the Dallas ISD signal not only a technical advancement but a compassionate and astute understanding of the comprehensive needs of the community. It is a reflection of a district that is unafraid to evolve, adopting new technologies without abandoning tried and true methods, and remaining responsive to both the physical and informational needs of its students and parents. It’s a sophisticated blend of safety, accessibility, and empathy that is likely to set a benchmark for educational institutions nationwide.

Dallas Independent School District continues to improve students and staff safety. This comes as an additional to Dallas ISD decision to enforce clear backpack policy, a safety measure that other North Texas school districts are now following.

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