Dallas ISD to hold “Dad’s Draft” event in support of All Pro Dad program

Dallas, Texas – In a powerful assertion of the pivotal role fathers can play in shaping the educational and socioemotional trajectories of their offspring, Thomas Garner, Partnership and Volunteer Coordinator, adamantly contends that paternal involvement can be tantamount to a superpower in childhood development. With unwavering conviction, Garner is diligently spearheading efforts to galvanize an expansive cadre of fathers and father figures to augment the robust initiatives of the Dallas Independent School District’s All Pro Dad program.

Dad’s Draft event is set to take place on October 21 in Dallas

For the purpose of achieving this laudable ambition, Garner is orchestrating the forthcoming “Dad’s Draft” event, scheduled to transpire from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 21, at the Adelle Turner Elementary School, situated at 5505 S. Polk St. in Dallas, Texas.

Drawing a compelling parallel to the electrifying atmosphere commonly associated with the National Football League (NFL) draft—complete with an array of on-stage paraphernalia, helmets symbolizing aspirational unity, and a specialized “green room” designed to accommodate prospective draftees—Garner elucidates that the “Dad’s Draft” is more than mere spectacle. It is, in essence, an instrumental platform.

“If you visualize or have ever seen an NFL draft with the props on stage, the helmets, the green room for the young men being drafted in the first round, it’s the same hype. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge campuses who want to take the program beyond the draft and into their campuses to give men the opportunity to be leaders,” Garner said.

All Pro Dad is a countrywide initiative dispersed across 42 states

All Pro Dad itself stands as a nationwide initiative, boasting an impressive expanse of over 1,000 chapters dispersed across 42 states. The program is geared towards emboldening men to assume proactive stances in their capacities as fathers and husbands. In addition to providing an arsenal of pragmatic parenting advice and enriching familial guidance, All Pro Dad furnishes an eclectic blend of instructional trainings, communal events, and correspondence designed to facilitate constructive family interactions. Those interested in an insider’s perspective on the program’s tangible impact can access testimonials, such as the experience of one dedicated father, by following available links.

Equally endorsing the formative influence of father figures in children’s lives, Calvin Grigsby, a counselor at Barbara B. Manns High School and Middle School DAEP, articulates a nuanced perspective. “The presence of an engaged father or father figure offers more than mere emotional stability; it provides youths with a living exemplar of accomplishment and potential, thereby facilitating a road map to personal and professional milestones,” Grigsby expounded.

For educational institutions keen on integrating this transformative agenda into their social fabric, the process is rendered accessible through a nominal annual fee of $100. This investment encompasses comprehensive training for the designated campus coach, exclusive access to All Pro Dad’s digital resources, daily affirmations delivered via email, and a synergistic nexus with a supportive cohort of men across various academic environments. Educational campuses and individual fathers or father figures eager to participate in the forthcoming 2023-2024 fall draft are encouraged to reach out to Garner for additional information via either (972) 925-5489 or (214) 802-1587. An extensive directory of extant chapters can also be perused at this link.

By synergizing financial accessibility with a substantive curriculum, the All Pro Dad initiative offers a compelling template for effectuating positive change, both within individual family units and the communities they collectively comprise.

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