Dallas ISD’s T.D. Marshall Center to bridge mental and physical health gap

Dallas, Texas – In a concerted endeavor to bridge the disparities in access to both mental and physical healthcare, the educational administration has orchestrated the forthcoming inauguration of the T.D. Marshall Youth and Family Center at Clara Oliver. Situated within the feeder network of South Oak Cliff High School, this avant-garde facility is slated to open its doors to the public in the ensuing month, with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting set for September 26.

Tracey Brown, the Executive Director of the district’s Mental Health Services Department, underscored the gravity of the center’s role, particularly in the southern precincts of the city, where there has hitherto been a palpable dearth of such indispensable services.

“The T.D. Marshall Youth and Family Center will fill in a huge gap in the southern sector of town where mental and physical healthcare services are minimal, and we are looking forward to providing these services to our students and families in this area,” said Tracey Brown.

Addressing the multifaceted challenges that often serve as formidable obstacles in students’ paths, Brown opined that the integration of mental and physical health services in one facility could act as a catalyst for change.

“The district’s new youth and family center will remove barriers, which then opens the door of opportunity,” Brown said. “There’s so many things that our kids are going through, and our therapists and our medical partners are there to help and support.”

This service is designed to help citizens from 4 to 21 years of age

Designed to cater primarily to a demographic spanning ages 4 to 21, the center will offer a comprehensive suite of services. In terms of physical healthcare, the facility has entered into a collaborative partnership with Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic. Among the array of services, immunizations and sports physicals are poised to be the most sought-after.

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Conversely, the center’s mental health arm will offer an exhaustive range of services encompassing individual and group counseling, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and family counseling. Additionally, educational workshops tailored for parents will also be part of the offerings, serving as a vital resource for the entire community.

“If you have someone that’s walking the walk with you, and there’s a therapist that can listen and that can support you, it can make all the difference to a student and their family,” Brown said.

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In elucidating the expansive scope of mental healthcare support across the district, Tracey Brown disclosed that specialized mental health clinicians are strategically stationed at various campuses. These professionals are proficient in administering not only short-term therapeutic counseling but also targeted behavioral interventions aimed at redressing immediate concerns among students.

The genesis of the T.D. Marshall Youth and Family Center (YFC) was informed by a meticulous community health-needs assessment conducted in 2019. This empirical study spotlighted a critical exigency for augmented healthcare services, particularly in the zip code 75216. To facilitate the transformation of the existing infrastructure into a cutting-edge clinic, Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds were judiciously allocated for renovation efforts.

As the epochal inauguration of the T.D. Marshall YFC draws near, the Mental Health Services Department is assiduously liaising with educational institutions in the South Oak Cliff feeder system. This collaborative approach aims to disseminate pertinent information regarding the forthcoming facility’s slate of services to educators, parents, and the community at large, thereby fostering a network of informed stakeholders.

For those seeking further enlightenment on the T.D. Marshall YFC, as well as the dozen additional clinics interspersed throughout the district, a plethora of information is readily accessible via the district’s dedicated mental health portal at this link. Queries can also be directed to the Mental Health Services Department via telephone at 972-502-4190.

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