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Dallas K9’s “heroic” actions helped save an officer’s life in last week’s officer involved shooting in Dallas

Dallas, Texas – As we already reported yesterday in our weekly Dallas shooting news article, a Dallas shooting incident that took place on Friday left Dallas Police Department officer and his K9 partner shot and injured. Fortunately, both of them sustained non-life-threatening injuries and recovered quickly.

According to a recent tweet by the Dallas Police Department, the K9 Figor is the one that reportedly saved officer’s life in the shooting incident that left the suspect dead.

The Dallas shooting incident on Friday. What happened?

In the predawn hours of a somber Friday morning, a chilling episode transpired within the confines of Dallas’s Pleasant Grove district, as both a valiant officer from the Dallas Police Department (DPD) and a courageous K9 unit were struck by a hail of bullets amidst an altercation with a heavily armed perpetrator.

The DPD disclosed that the harrowing confrontation unfolded at approximately 2:30 a.m., while the officer was in the midst of addressing an unrelated shooting incident in the vicinity of Prairie Creek Road and Scyene Circle. As the intrepid law enforcement officer fearlessly confronted the armed suspect, he was met with an onslaught of bullets, sustaining severe injuries to his leg and shoulder.

Exhibiting extraordinary fortitude and tenacity, the wounded officer managed to retaliate with his own volley of shots, ultimately neutralizing the imminent threat by lethally incapacitating the assailant. Subsequent to the nerve-wracking encounter, the officer was swiftly transported to Baylor Medical Center in East Dallas. Miraculously, despite the grievous nature of his wounds, the officer retained consciousness, remained communicative, and is projected to achieve a comprehensive recovery.

The K9, who gallantly and loyally supported the officer throughout this nightmarish experience, similarly sustained injuries during the frenzied exchange of gunfire. Embodying the indomitable spirit of its human partner, the K9 is likewise expected to recuperate entirely from its inflicted wounds.

The Dallas community has fervently united behind these two intrepid public servants, lauding their unwavering commitment and heroism in confronting such a precarious and life-threatening situation.

“The officer was hit at least twice, once in the shoulder and once in the leg. The K9 was also hit,” Dallas Police Department Assistant Director Kristin Lowman said.

The K9 unit is reportedly that saved Dallas Police Department officer’s life in the Friday’s Dallas shooting

On a solemn Monday morning, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia bestowed exceptional commendation upon a valiant Dallas police K9, attributing the canine’s “heroic” deeds to the preservation of an officer’s life.

The Dallas Police Department unveiled gripping footage from a body camera that captured the intense moments when both the human officer and the intrepid K9 unit sustained gunshot wounds during their relentless pursuit of a dangerous shooting suspect.

The chilling events unfolded on Friday morning, as the violent perpetrator had just unleashed a barrage of gunfire upon two of their own family members.

“God wasn’t ready for two warriors that night, and they did their duty in the face of evil,” said Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia during a news conference on Monday.

The visceral footage captured by the body camera adorning Senior Corporal Scott Jay reveals the intrepid officer and his dauntless K9 companion, Figor, meticulously scouring a densely wooded area.

Authorities had been summoned to Pleasant Grove on Thursday evening to track down a man who had violently assaulted two family members within a residence on Cypress Avenue, following a dispute over deafening music.

As the clock approached 2 a.m. on Friday, investigators chanced upon a blood-stained shoe print and a grisly trail of crimson droplets. The video bears witness to Figor’s unwavering pursuit of the suspect’s scent, leading them to a location near a bridge traversing a creek.

The sound of gunfire pierces the air, and Figor’s agonized cry can be heard, yet the resilient canine perseveres in its mission to apprehend the perpetrator, Brian Casillas. A bullet ultimately struck Figor in the chest.

Authorities report that Casillas also targeted Senior Corporal Jay, striking him in the heart of his ballistic vest and his leg. The footage captures Jay’s unyielding response, as he discharges his weapon several times at Casillas, who was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene.

“The work of this dog that night is nothing short of heroic,” said Chief Garcia. “Our canines are invaluable members of this police department and helped save his partner’s life.”

Emotional moments after the shooting show the bond between the officer and his partner. Senior Corporal Jay can be heard pleading with other Dallas officers.

“My partner’s hit,” Jay can be heard saying. “Let me get my dog!”

In the aftermath of the harrowing encounter, fellow Dallas police officers promptly leapt into action, expertly applying a tourniquet to Senior Corporal Jay. Following his treatment, he was subsequently discharged from the hospital. Figor, too, received medical attention and was released from the Dallas Animal Emergency on Fitzhugh.

It was a year prior when the inaugural pairing of Senior Corporal Jay and Figor took place. The indomitable K9 officer had been generously donated to the Dallas Police Department by One Community USA, a philanthropic organization, in April 2022.

Chief Garcia asserts that the valiant actions exhibited by both officers during the precarious situation are undoubtedly deserving of the highest accolades.

“Not only Senior Corporal Jay for bravely doing his job, searching for a dangerous suspect, but a K9 officer who took a bullet for his partner, and likely saved his life for working to detain a suspect while he was shot,” Garcia said.

The 20-year-old Casillas had a lengthy criminal record including DWI, family violence and discharging a firearm. The Frida’s Dallas shooting incident was the third officer-involved shooting in Dallas since the start of the year.

“All three have involved violent suspects who shot at my officers, our partners. All three. This is despicable and deplorable,” said Garcia. “We will continue to sacrifice with what is most dear for this city.”

One of Casillas’ family members that were shot on Thursday is still in critical condition while in hospital. The second family member is also in hospital but in non-life-threatening condition and is expected to recover soon.

The District Attorney’s Office is conducting an independent investigation of the shooting.

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