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Dallas Lawyer Gives 44 Dunbar High School Students Scholarships.

Fort Worth, Texas – Dunbar High School’s graduating seniors received an impressive gift worth $250,000 in scholarships. Dallas lawyer Amy Witherite bestowed the monetary awards to all of the 44 students who applied for her scholarship on Tuesday, leaving no student behind.

At the event, Witherite announced, “You get a scholarship, you get a scholarship, you get a scholarship, you get a scholarship, every one of you guys!” She distributed $110,000 in the form of 44 scholarships, each worth $2,500.

Senior Daniela Baeza expresses her gratitude, “To earn this and not have to worry about much in college, as far as financially, it’s really a great award, and it makes me feel very accomplished.” Kyran Powe, another scholarship recipient, adds, “This scholarship means a lot to me because it’s helping me take a bigger step into the next level of life and being able to go to college.”

The generosity of Witherite does not stop there. She also guarantees an extra $2,500 to each student who completes a one-page renewal form every year they remain in school. Justin Edwards, the principal of Dunbar High, remarks, “You look at students receiving $2,500 scholarships that have the opportunity to renew, you are looking at the gift that keeps giving.”

A total of $250,000 has been allocated for the scholarships and renewals, which assures a sense of relief for the students and their parents when it comes to financing their education. For Raytonia Cheatham, who watched her son Kadynn receive the scholarship, the moment was emotional, “I’m excited, he deserved it. He worked hard; it was a rough journey, but we got him there. I’m so excited.”

Witherite, who grew up in Fort Worth, strongly believes in the importance of helping communities and uplifting them. Her mother, who served as an elementary principal and taught in the same Stop Six neighborhood, left a deep impact on Witherite. “This neighborhood is important, these kids are important. They’re smart kids, but a lot of them just need a little extra help,” she said.

The exceptional gift of scholarships will undoubtedly make a substantial difference in the lives of these students and pave the way for a brighter future.

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