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Dallas man arrested out of state weeks after he removed his ankle monitor just before his trial

Dallas, Texas – Emerging from the latticework of law enforcement activity, authorities in Dallas revealed that a suspect implicated in a capital murder case, who had audaciously shed his electronic tracking device and vanished mere days prior to his trial, has been apprehended on Oklahoma soil.

Dallas law enforcement, in a statement released this past Thursday, confirmed that 23-year-old Tyrese Simmons, whose whereabouts had become an enigma earlier in the month, had been detained in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The process to extradite him back to the Lone Star State is on the anvil.

Tyrese Simmons is accused of killing 9-year-old in an East Dallas residential complex. in August 2019

Simmons, now 23, faced charges of capital murder following the grievous loss of 9-year-old Bradoniya Bennett in a horrific incident of gunfire that unfolded in August 2019. The youngster’s life was claimed as the accused allegedly set his sights on a rival rapper residing adjacent to the unfortunate child’s dwelling in an East Dallas residential complex.

The law enforcement narrative of the event outlines a deep-seated conflict between Simmons and his music industry competitor that escalated into a deadly volley of bullets. During this harrowing encounter, the unsuspecting Bennett was fatally struck in the head as she innocently occupied a seat on her apartment’s sofa.

“It is believed that the suspect mistakenly fired at the wrong apartment unit after running around the building to the back of the apartment complex,” Simmons’ arrest warrant stated.

Simmons’ day in court was charted for June 5. However, reliable sources had tipped off WFAA about his surreptitious removal of his ankle monitor, culminating in his unsettling disappearance.

In a public statement issued by Tulsa law enforcement, it was disclosed that Simmons was discovered on Thursday, June 22, ensconced in a hotel room. A nerve-wracking standoff ensued between the fugitive and police officers as the accused obstinately refused to vacate his refuge, as per police records.

Simmons’ resistance was ultimately quelled as officers dispersed pepper balls, which precipitated his capture. He is slated to be incarcerated in the Tulsa County jail.

“Officers attempted to get Simmons to come out of a room at the hotel, but he refused,” Tulsa Police said in a Facebook post. “After making commands and attempting to get Simmons out for several hours, Officers deployed pepper balls, and Tyrese Simmons was taken into custody.”

The narrative surrounding this tragic incident also includes Davonte Benton, a secondary individual implicated in the 2019 shooting incident. Benton faced similar capital murder charges and was brought to justice in 2022 with a sentence of 45 years of penal servitude.

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