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Dallas officer and K9 partner to be honored with Star of Texas award by Gov. Greg Abbott

Dallas, Texas – On September 11, in a ceremony set to take place in Austin, Texas, Governor Greg Abbott will present the prestigious Star of Texas Award to Scott Jay, a senior corporal with the Dallas Police Department, in recognition of his courage during a high-risk incident in April.

Star of Texas Award is given every year in September to individuals for their service

The award is bestowed upon those individuals who, in the line of duty, have shown exceptional valor as peace officers, firefighters, emergency medical first responders, or federal law enforcement officers, particularly those who have sustained injuries or have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their communities.

Scott Jay, the husband of Amy Jay, a respected PreK elementary school teacher at Hazel Ingram Elementary School, displayed exemplary heroism during a violent episode that transpired on April 27. Responding to a shooting that had already left several family members wounded, Jay and his K9 partner, Figor, were confronted by the suspect, who had been involved in the altercation.

Both Jay and Figor were struck by bullets in the ensuing confrontation; Jay was hit in the leg and also in his ballistic vest, while Figor was shot in the chest, with the round exiting through his shoulder.

Despite sustaining injuries, Jay managed to return fire, neutralizing the shooter and preventing further harm. Both Jay and Figor survived the ordeal, with the latter receiving special commendation from Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia for his valorous actions. In his remarks, Garcia lauded Figor’s “heroic” actions, which he credited with helping to save the life of his partner, Scott Jay.

In bestowing the Star of Texas Award, Governor Abbott seeks to spotlight the valor of these everyday heroes who, through their dedication and sacrifice, ensure the safety and security of communities across the state.

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