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Dallas PD seeks help in locating a suspect who shot and killed a clerk at a 7-Eleven store in the North Oak Cliff area

Dallas, Texas – In a deeply troubling development, the Dallas Police Department has confirmed they are in pursuit of a suspect implicated in the lethal shooting of an employee at a 7-Eleven convenience store situated in the North Oak Cliff district.

North Oak Cliff 7-Eleven store fatal shooting. What happened?

The fatal incident unfolded at approximately 6 a.m. on Monday, when the police were summoned to the scene in response to a reported shooting at the aforementioned retail outlet located at 408 N. Hampton Rd., a spot nestled to the northeast of Cockrell Hill and bordering the southern perimeter of Stevens Park Golf Course.

Detailed reports provided by law enforcement reveal that the alleged offender infiltrated the store and, brandishing a firearm, made a forceful demand for cash from the cash register. Tragically, before the clerk, identified as 54-year-old Nathanial Ogbolu, could acquiesce to the assailant’s demand, he was peppered with multiple gunshots.

Furthermore, it was disclosed that the perpetrator discharged his weapon at a bystander, narrowly missing, before making a hasty departure from the scene on foot, as per police accounts.

Emergency services personnel from Dallas Fire-Rescue promptly transported the severely injured Ogbolu to a medical facility. Despite the best efforts of the medical team, he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased.

At this juncture, the alleged shooter remains at large and is not currently in police custody. The investigation into this horrendous crime is actively ongoing, with detectives diligently working to compile evidence and piece together the details of this shocking event.

In an appeal for public assistance, authorities have requested that anyone possessing pertinent information related to this case reach out to the police at 214-671-3675. This call to action underscores the urgency of bringing the suspect to justice, and the vital role the community may play in this endeavor.

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  1. Dallas police, Dallas mayor and Dallas County deputies say that crime rates in Dallas and North Texas in general are down. Then how we still see fatal shootings, robberies and other crimes on a daily basis?

  2. Dallas Police Department is doing good job in most cases, but it’s evident that the department needs more people.

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