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Dallas Student Gets Free Car for Perfect Attendance

Faith Family Academy, a charter school in Dallas, collaborated with a used car dealership to present a car to a student of the school, as part of their ongoing partnership. Johanna Castillo, a sophomore student, was randomly picked amongst the five pupils with perfect attendance for the year and awarded the car sponsored by Drive Casa. Castillo was overwhelmed with excitement and exclaimed, “When I heard the beep, I was like [gasp], and then I saw the thing in the lights turn on in the car and I was like [gasp] again,”

The CEO of Drive Casa, Mark Gallas, addressed the students assembled at the event. He recognized the hard work of the school staff and the immense support provided to the students in pursuing excellence academically and beyond. Gallas appreciated the meaningful partnership his company has had with Faith Family Academy throughout the years. He stated, “The passion that I see here the last seven years coming from this school, and the support they give to these students, I don’t think the students realize it. My message was there’s three and a half days of school left, and I told them I want them to go shake their hands and give a hug to every person that works at this school.”

Faith Family Academy has been benefiting from this collaboration with Drive Casa for several years. The dealership has recorded a marked improvement in student attendance since its partnership with the school. The aim of the collaboration is to recognize and appreciate the efforts of students who have shown exemplary attendance throughout the year. The partnerships have provided students with the motivation to maintain perfect attendance while upholding the values and ethos of the Academy.

Furthermore, Johanna Castillo said that she is working rigorously to get her driver’s license, and her family would be using the car. Castillo’s winning is a testament to the tremendous effort she invested throughout the academic year, which resulted in perfect attendance. Castillo’s achievement is worth emulating and could inspire her peers to strive for academic excellence and to chase their dreams paradigmatically. The collaboration between the Academy and Drive Casa left the students with a deep sense of pride and achievement, paving the way for future success.

Faith Family Academy is a school community committed to promoting academic cultural and social excellence. It provides a comprehensive education from pre-K to grade 12. The school’s broad curriculum cultivates an environment of learning and exploration that equips the students with the necessary tools to navigate the challenges of the world. The Academy fosters a community that values personal responsibility, respect, and mutual accountability.

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