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Dallas teenager sentenced to life in prison for shooting dead his 17-year-old girlfriend

MCKINNEY, Texas — In a case that has gripped North Texas with its shocking brutality, Armando Diaz Jr., a Dallas resident of just 19 years, has been handed a life sentence by the Collin County court for his role in the murder of his teenage girlfriend in February 2022. The announcement was made on Monday by the County’s District Attorney, Greg Willis.

The Dallas teenager will spend the rest of his life in prison for fatally shooting his teenage girlfriend

Diaz’s crime was as heinous as it was cold-blooded, as he was found guilty of mercilessly firing upon his defenseless girlfriend, hitting her no fewer than ten times, recounted Willis in the aftermath of the sentencing. The prosecution’s depiction of Diaz’s chilling crime revealed a further horrifying detail – that the girl was ruthily shot at least four times while she curled up defensively in a fetal position on the ground.

Willis lauded the jury’s decision, stating their sentence accurately reflected Diaz’s glaring lack of remorse for his callous act.

The horrific incident came to light on February 6, 2022, when officers from the Dallas Police Department were summoned to an apartment complex following a flurry of calls from residents about heard gunshots. Upon their arrival, the officers discovered the lifeless body of a 17-year-old girl, the severity of her injuries indicated by ten gunshot wounds spread across her chest, face, and back.

The perpetrator was absent from the scene upon police arrival, but an investigation quickly pointed to the victim’s boyfriend, Diaz, with whom she had been cohabitating at the same complex. This information was released by the Collin County District Attorney’s Office.

Adding to the murky narrative, it was discovered that the apartment lease was held under the name of Diaz’s mother, who, after being interviewed, was found to have knowledge of her son’s atrocious crime and aided his escape, without notifying emergency services. Diaz finally surrendered himself to the police four days post the incident, as per official reports.

Detective Chris Walton, who carried out an interview with Diaz, eventually got him to confess to his crime after initial false statements, further solidified by Diaz pleading guilty to murder during his court hearing.

In a compelling testimony during the trial, Officer Arnet Brantley, the first responder on the scene, recounted the chilling moment when he arrived to find the victim still clinging to life, ultimately succumbing to her injuries as he attempted emergency medical aid. The “especially brutal nature of the murder,” he remarked, was an element of the case that had particularly affected him.

Dr. Stephanie Burton, the Collin County Medical Examiner, reinforced the depiction of Diaz’s horrific act in her testimony, stating that at least four of the gunshot wounds on the victim were consistent with her being shot whilst lying in a fetal position on the ground.

Despite his confession, Diaz shockingly tried to rationalize his monstrous behavior during his testimony at the trial, revealing that he had discharged a .45 caliber Glock with a modification turning it into a fully automatic weapon. He blamed a dispute with the victim and his state of intoxication for his brutal actions, according to officials.

In their final assessment of the case, the jury imposed a life sentence on Diaz. He will be considered for parole only after a minimum term of 30 years served.

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  1. It’s sad seeing Dallas youth ruining their lives. On Monday, in Fort Worth 12yo was shot dead. North Texas is becoming the real “Wild West”… so sad…

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