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DART introduces two EV charging stations in Dallas, free to use for a whole year

Dallas, Texas – In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to sustainability, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has inaugurated a series of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at two previously unaccommodated DART Rail locations.

DART installed the EV chargers in Glenn Heights Park & Ride and Illinois Station

This significant upgrade was executed in a synergistic alliance with the North Central Texas Council of Governments, thereby addressing an evident shortfall in electric vehicle charging infrastructure at the chosen sites—specifically, Glenn Heights Park & Ride and Illinois Station.

Utilizing Blink Series 8 Dual Port Level 2 Chargers, the new installations offer an optimized charging duration that ranges from 4 to 8 hours, thereby facilitating a seamless integration with the daily routines of electric vehicle owners. Individuals utilizing these charging stations can effortlessly park their electric vehicles and initiate the charging process, all while taking advantage of DART’s rail services for their daily commutes. Upon their return, they will find their vehicles fully charged and ready for immediate use—a synchronicity of convenience and utility.

Two vehicles can use these charges simultaneously and the service will be free of charge for a whole year

Of particular note is the dual-port capability of these chargers, which empowers two vehicles to avail themselves of the charging service simultaneously. In a bid to incentivize adoption and enhance user experience, DART has declared that usage of these charging stations will incur no monetary cost until August 31, 2024. This limited-time provision presents commuters with an extraordinary opportunity to tap into sustainable energy resources at no expense for an extended period, thereby catalyzing a transition towards cleaner modes of transportation.

The nearly $80,000 project was made possible by a North Central Texas Council of Governments grant

The realization of this transformative installation was facilitated by a grant totaling $79,472, awarded under the auspices of the North Central Texas Council of Governments’ Electric Vehicle Charging Station Call for Projects initiative. The financial underpinning for this venture emanated from Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds, thus aligning the project’s objectives with broader efforts to ameliorate air quality and alleviate traffic congestion.

Beyond the salient virtue of propelling sustainable transport paradigms, these inaugural charging stations function as a crucible for empirical analysis for DART. This pilot program will provide invaluable data, enabling DART to rigorously evaluate the efficacy, financial viability, and broader benefits of such sustainable undertakings, thereby informing potential future scalability across its extensive service network.

Glenn Heights interim city manager Keith Moore says in a release that he’s delighted that DART chose Glenn Heights as one of the first DART cities to provide these services in.

“With the purchase of electric vehicles on the rise due to consumer preferences, auto industry trends, and potential requirements set by governing bodies – local governments will have to begin to think about how to make their cities EV ready,” Moore says.

Similarly to DART, the City of Mesquite also announced the launch of two EV chargers in Mesquite which will be free to use until August next year.

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