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DART is hiring 100 security officers for the new Transit Security Officers program aimed in improving passengers’ safety

Dallas, Texas – In a significant move towards enhancing the safety of commuters, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system is set to bolster its security ranks by inducting 100 new Transit Security Officers (TSOs). This is part of a concerted strategy to ensure a secure environment for its patrons, thereby reinforcing their faith in DART’s commitment to public safety.

DART’s TSO program will be addition to DART Police Officers and Fare Enforcement Officers

The induction of these TSOs will augment the existing strength of 252, comprised of DART Police Officers and Fare Enforcement Officers. As the TSO program nears its full-fledged launch in mid-August, a number of these newly designated officers have already taken up their role patrolling DART vehicles, acting as an assurance of safety to all on board.

“The addition of security officers on trains and platforms is just one of many of our ongoing efforts to provide the safest commuting experience for our customers,” said Charlie Cato, DART chief of police, as reported by NBC DFW. “Having a visible presence on as many of our vehicles as possible will be an important deterrent to misconduct, and I hope it also demonstrates our continued commitment to our customers to keep them safe.”

DART’s TSO program is part of broader wheel of security enhancements being planned

DART’s officials revealed that the new security program is a cog in the broader wheel of security enhancements being planned. They foresee a gamut of advancements, encompassing technological upgrades, the installation of physical deterrents, and the establishment of collaborative partnerships, all aimed at further fortifying the transit system’s security measures.

DART launched this program as a response to passenger concerns, particularly from students and frequent commuters who reported various incidents on DART vehicles. The initiative underscores DART’s proactive approach to address and rectify safety concerns of its customers, who form the backbone of the largest mass transit system in North Texas. It also mirrors the organisation’s endeavors to develop a dedicated transit security force.

Transit Security Officers will help the DART Police Department officers

The DART Police Department, currently grappling with a shortfall of police officers, anticipates that the new force – funded by existing resources – will offer immediate protection to passengers until police can intervene and execute any necessary arrests. This strategic allocation of resources serves to underscore DART’s steadfast commitment to ensuring a secure and comfortable transit experience for all its customers.

This initiative comes soon after DART was granted $25 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation for improvements and building trails along Silver Line.

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