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DEC Network in the Shops at Red Bird in Dallas is preparing for a major expansion, to move to a space three times larger

Dallas, Texas – In an ambitious initiative aimed at providing a substantial arena for aspiring entrepreneurs and fledgling enterprises, a community-based nonprofit is on the verge of implementing a considerable expansion to their existing facilities. The DEC Network, prominently situated in the vibrant Shops at Red Bird, is in the process of transitioning from their current position within the bustling mall to an area triple in size, effectively expanding their operational footprint.

“We’re moving our 80-plus entrepreneurs from then 7,400 square-feet to the 20,000 square-feet,” said Tarsha Hearn, Senior Director of Eco-Systems for The DEC Network, as reported by WFAA.

With roots deeply planted in Dallas, the nonprofit has carved a legacy spanning a decade in the field of business development, providing an arsenal of resources to a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs with the intention of initiating, constructing, and fostering the growth of their ventures.

The smaller scale enterprises have had the privilege of accessing the DEC’s business incubator situated at Red Bird for half that time, a period stretching over the past five years. The organization, however, has acknowledged the necessity for expansion, a move prompted by its steady growth and the consequent need for a larger workspace.

In conjunction with the occasion of its 10th anniversary celebration, held on Monday, June 12, the enthusiastic staff of the DEC Network provided exclusive previews of their imminent location, which is still under the hammer of construction. In homage to its roots, the new state-of-the-art facility will bear the name of the Red Bird Innovation Center, a testament to the continued commitment to facilitate the development of entrepreneurial success in the local community.

“It’s going to be open for everyone. All entrepreneurs. But we want to make sure that our BIPOC and women entrepreneurs get connected. That they build their social capitol and they build their financial capital as well,” Hearns explained.

The bold leap of the organization, marked by a staggering investment of $2.1 million, is no less than a beacon of hope for small business proprietors like Iman and Freddie Harris of the Raisa Agency, who are anticipated to utilize the fresh expansive terrain for their business pursuits.

Serving as a full-scale marketing agency with an extensive client portfolio ranging from compact businesses to municipal corporations on a nationwide scale, Raisa Agency’s Harris spoke about their diverse operations.

“We’re a full-service marketing agency that works with small businesses, to municipalities, nationwide,” said Harris.

Having been associated with the DEC Network for a period of five years, Raisa Agency has greatly benefited from the wealth of resources on offer, with access to seasoned mentors and substantial financial resources. Harris indicated that the growth trajectory of their business is reflective of the resources and opportunities provided by the DEC.

“The DEC has offered us so many resources that we probably wouldn’t have been able to get in contact with if we weren’t with the DEC,” said Harris.

The planned enlargement of the Red Bird Innovation Center is set to inject a fresh wave of vitality into the Southern Dallas campus, which is already witnessing significant development and transformation.

“We want people to be able to connect and collaborate,” said Hearn.

Project developers have indicated that the cutting-edge Red Bird Innovation Center is slated to be operational by December 2023 or at the latest, January 2024, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the growth story of Dallas-based startups and businesses.

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