Duncanville Independent School District implements Mesquite and Dallas ISD’s clear backpacks policy effective immediately

Duncanville, Texas – In a concerted effort to enhance student and staff safety, another school district in North Texas has announced a systematic shift towards the utilization of clear or mesh backpacks, starting this school year.

Mesquite and Dallas Independent School Districts already have clear backpacks policy in place

The transition follows similar security measures recently enacted by Mesquite and Dallas Independent School Districts (ISDs), reflecting a growing regional trend to bolster school safety protocols.

For the upcoming fall semester, Duncanville Independent School District is actively recommending that students from kindergarten through 12th grade begin utilizing transparent or mesh backpacks. The recommendation serves as an initial step, meant to familiarize students and parents with the impending change, and to allow them adequate time for adjustment.

Duncanville ISD will make the clear backpack policy mandatory with the start of the spring semester

The staggered implementation strategy will culminate in the Spring Semester when clear and mesh backpacks will be officially mandated as part of the district’s evolving safety expectations. This strategic phase-in is carefully designed to mitigate disruption and give stakeholders time to prepare.

Acknowledging the personal needs of students, the district will allow the carrying of a small non-transparent pouch within backpacks to store personal items such as money, cellphones, and hygiene products. However, items stored in non-clear bags, including but not limited to purses, athletic bags, and instrument cases, will be subject to search in accordance with established school security protocols.

The district said it recognizes that clear bags may not prevent all prohibited items from entering campuses or address all safety concerns and the new rule “is part of a broader approach to enhance student and staff safety.”

The policy comes at a time when many North Texas school districts struggle to find enough security officers to meet new state’s safety law forcing them to hire private security companies.

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