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El Rio Grande Latin Market opens new Dallas store

Dallas, Texas – Marking a pivotal entry into the expanded roster of newly-minted establishments is El Rio Grande Latin Market, which ceremoniously inaugurated its fifth Dallas outpost on the 18th of August—a development that portends favorably for the city’s culinary and commercial landscapes alike.

Situated at 3035 N. Buckner Blvd., this latest addition to El Rio Grande Latin Market’s portfolio has assumed a crucial role as the indispensable grocery hub for Dallas’s 7th District. Renowned as a sanctuary for diverse Latin culinary fare and merchandise, the establishment serves as an invaluable asset in satiating the long-unmet grocery needs of the locality.

In a statement permeated with palpable enthusiasm, Adam Bazaldua, the City Council Member representing Dallas’s 7th District, extolled the fruits of the collaborative endeavor between the City of Dallas and Vista Property Company.

“It’s an exciting time for residents of District 7,” Dallas Council Member of District 7 Adam Bazaldua said in a statement. “I cannot be more grateful for the partnership between the City of Dallas and Vista Property Company. This partnership created a rare opportunity of bringing a new grocery store to this community. El Rio Grande will serve our community and make it easier for our residents to have access to quality food.”

Founded in the year 2005, El Rio Grande Latin Market has solidified its market presence with an existing network of nine retail locations throughout the state of Texas.

President & CEO Hamdy Shalabi, issued the following statement regarding the new store opening:

“The opening of our new store is a heartfelt journey that starts from our humble beginnings. It feels like coming full circle to give back to the community that raised us and open a grocery store on the streets where I grew up. Even though this area is often seen as a rough part of town, I truly believe it’s about giving people the respect they deserve. This neighborhood has been lacking access to fresh food for a long time, and this supermarket means so much more than just a place to shop—it’s a way to bring people together and contribute to our community’s growth by providing jobs and access to quality groceries at an affordable price. It proves that dreams can come true, communities can thrive, and even in areas with limited access to resources, positive changes can happen. We hope to inspire people that no matter where you come from, with hard work and dedication, aspirations are achievable. Every item we put on the shelves is more than just another product–it’s a step towards changing the way people view local, independent grocery stores. On the same streets where we grew up, we’re making a difference by giving people the resources, job opportunities and respect they deserve.”

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