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Fort Worth Botanical Garden is offering free admission on Monday, June 19 in honor of Juneteenth

Fort Worth, Texas – The Fort Worth Botanical Garden, a lush sanctuary sprawling over 120 acres, has announced complimentary admission for Monday, June 19th, as a commemoration of the profound historical significance of Juneteenth.

“The significance of Juneteenth spans our nation, but we are proud to celebrate this day in Fort Worth, home of the future National Juneteenth Museum and activist, Opal Lee,” said FWBG CEO and President Patrick Newman.”

The Garden, a verdant cornucopia of flora, comprises 23 distinct specialty gardens, each showcasing its unique horticultural charm. The acclaimed Japanese Garden, replete with its koi-filled ponds and dramatic cascades, and the iconic Rose Garden, adorned with a terraced walkway meandering past vibrant, aromatic flower beds, are among the prominent attractions.

Juneteenth, known interchangeably as Jubilee Day, Freedom Day, or Emancipation Day, conjoins the words ‘June’ and ’19th’. It solemnly observes the liberation of enslaved individuals in the United States, an event integral to the country’s history. While President Abraham Lincoln promulgated the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, it was not put into effect in the South until the Civil War’s conclusion in 1865.

In a significant turn of events, Texas did not officially acknowledge the proclamation until two and a half years later. This delay ended when Union Major General Gordon Granger landed in Galveston and pronounced General Order Number 3. This order brought the news that the Civil War had concluded two months before and that the Emancipation Proclamation, enacted years earlier, was finally in force in the Lone Star State.

Marking a significant milestone on the 156th anniversary of the cessation of slavery in the United States, Juneteenth was formally designated a federal holiday in 2021, christened the Juneteenth National Independence Day.

R Bank continues its tradition of sponsorship for the annual Juneteenth observance in the garden for the second consecutive year, underlining its commitment to recognizing and celebrating this momentous day in history.

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