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Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition is offering swim-safe programs, free classes this summer

Fort Worth, Texas – As we head into the summer, with the promise of soaring temperatures and the temptation of water-based activities, people are starting to flock to lakes and swimming pools. This uptick underscores the critical importance of water safety awareness and prevention strategies, a mission that the Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition (FWDPC) is passionately pursuing.

The FWDPC is planning an array of programs aimed at promoting safer swimming habits throughout the warm stretch of June and July. The courses, aimed at reducing the dangers inherent to water-based recreation, will be offered at various swimming pools and YMCA centers.

The educational offerings take a holistic approach, combining theory lessons away from the water with practical swimming and safety lessons in the water.

“Our programs are designed to engage the whole family in water safety education and provide multiple layers of protection so you are equipped and empowered to enjoy the water safely,” the FWDPC website says.

The FWDPC is also reaching out to homes through the “Swim Safe At Home” program. This inventive scheme includes a video series that sheds light on essential water safety principles for families. Signing up for a Zoom class gives families access to six instructional videos, setting a strong foundation for home-based conversations about water safety.

The FWDPC is unwavering in its conviction that every drowning incident can be prevented. The first step towards this goal is promoting awareness within homes.

The pressing nature of this issue is highlighted by the unsettling statistics provided by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS). The year has already been stained by the tragic drowning of 20 children in Texas, five of whom were from North Texas, in various settings ranging from ponds and swimming pools to bathtubs.

TDFPS firmly advises the public to maintain strict watchfulness when children are near water, be it inside or outside.

“Never leave a child unsupervised around water, inside or outside of the house,” the TDFPS website says. “It only takes a few minutes for a child to drown.”

To register for a class from the Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Center, visit their website here.

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