Fort Worth ISD offers higher base teacher pay in effort to attract candidates while combating teachers’ shortage

Fort Worth, Texas – Yesterday afternoon marked a significant event in the history of Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD), as it conducted its largest recruitment drive in recent memory. With an impressive turnout of over 1,700 pre-registrants, the district took a substantial step towards addressing its educational staffing needs.

“This helps us a lot to make sure that we have a teacher in front of every student,” said Raul Pena, the District’s Chief Talent Officer, as reported by NBC DFW.

Fort Worth ISD offers higher base teacher pay in effort to attract candidates while combating teachers’ shortage

This year, the FWISD Board approved a whopping $20 million compensation package which directly benefits newly recruited educators. The substantial package has resulted in an increased base salary of $62,000 annually for teachers – an enhancement that was implemented following the approval on Wednesday.

“If you’re bilingual certified, your starting salary will be $71,000,” Pena said. “With zero years for special ed teachers, we’re starting them at $68,000 with zero years of experience.”

Fort Worth ISD offers as much as $64,000 annually to veteran teachers

Moreover, veteran educators stand a chance to earn nearly $64,000 annually, adding to the allure of the district’s revised compensation packages, as per the school district’s latest disclosure.

However, the FWISD is facing an acute shortage of staff, with vacancies spanning teachers, teaching assistants, custodial staff, security personnel, and more. The challenge ahead is to fill hundreds of positions by August 14, the inaugural day of the forthcoming academic year.

“When we look at the DFW metroplex, we’re in a very good spot,” Pena said. “We have about a little bit over 143 schools with about 200 teacher vacancies. By the time we finish today, it’ll be an average of about one vacancy per school.”

Fort Worth ISD continues to combat teachers’ shortage with offering online application

The district continues to receive applications online, indicating a sustained effort to mitigate staffing shortages.

In a separate development this summer, the board granted a salary increment of 3% for existing teachers, and a 2% raise for executives, further highlighting its commitment to the staff’s financial wellbeing.

Back-to-school events in Fort Worth

As we approach the start of the new school year, there are several back-to-school events organized in Fort Worth. Fort Worth’s Chosen Vessel Cathedral Church organizes back-to-school event for third year in a row on Saturday, July 29, while Tarrant County organizes separate back-to-school event in upcoming days.

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