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Fort Worth’s Chosen Vessel Cathedral Church organizes back-to-school event for third year in a row

Fort Worth, Texas – As the start of a new academic year looms, the city of Fort Worth anticipates a significant back-to-school display, the scope of which has been markedly broadened this year. The forthcoming event, set to unfold over the subsequent few days, is being meticulously coordinated by the congregants of the Chosen Vessel Cathedral Church located on Campus Drive.

Fort Worth’s Chosen Vessel Cathedral Church organizes the back-to-school event for third year in a row

The church’s dedication to this event, marking its third annual rendition, showcases its unwavering commitment to the education of the community’s youth. In prior years, the event has experienced exponential growth, further buttressed by its reputation for distributing complimentary backpacks filled with essential educational materials to students, ranging from the tender age of elementary school right through to the college level. The stipulation, however, remains that students must be in attendance to avail themselves of this offer.

Embedded in these backpacks are a range of necessary learning tools – notepads, crayons, and pens, further complemented by a hand sanitizer to enforce the importance of hygiene.

“This is a free event that is open to the public,” said Youth Pastor Erick Bowens, according to WFAA. “And this is for those who are in elementary and middle school, middle high school, and even college. Everything about the event is free and it’s free and open to the public.”

Traditionally, the Chosen Vessel Church has orchestrated the event to coincide with their Sunday morning worship services. Nevertheless, given the considerable expansion of the event, it has been scheduled to span from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the upcoming Saturday, July 29, 2023.

The back-to-school event organized by Chosen Vessel Cathedral Church feels special

The event has been distinguished by unique features not typically found in other backpack giveaways.

“That’s free food, that’s haircuts, that is school supplies. But also, that is giving away free tablets to those that are eligible,” said Youth Pastor Erick Bowens.

The church has amassed a total of 3,000 tablets for distribution, available on a first-come-first-serve basis until the inventory is depleted. Given the congregation’s large number of single-parent households and families living in apartment units, the aim is to alleviate the financial burden for those facing stringent budgets.

Chosen Vessel Cathedral Church back—to-school event comes as a relief as school supplies cost has skyrocketed in recent years

Citing the National Retail Federation, the cost of school supplies per family skyrocketed to an average of $864 in 2022. Shaquinta Peltier-Moore and her husband, who are currently juggling their budget to accommodate the educational expenses for their two school-going children, are among those who will benefit. She expressed her belief that the event will greatly ease their financial strain.

While the event is intended to be a source of free aid for the public, church leaders are hopeful that it will resonate profoundly with the families residing in the church’s immediate vicinity. This sentiment is shared by Britney and Jamil Lacour, who are eagerly awaiting the event, believing that the free tablets and new school supplies will greatly enhance their daughters’ learning experience.

As Dallas and Fort Worth students prepare for the new school year, there will be several back-to-school events organized in upcoming days. Click the following link for more North Texas education news.

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