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Fort Worth’s East Lancaster Avenue to undergo significant redevelopment with $20 million federal grant

Fort Worth, Texas – In a groundbreaking move set to enhance urban redevelopment, the city of Fort Worth is set to benefit from a substantial injection of $20 million in federal funding. This largesse is earmarked for the transformation of the East Lancaster corridor, a monumental undertaking that is part of a larger statewide initiative backed by the Biden Administration.

The $20 federal grant to be used for funding the design, right-of-way, environmental, and reconstruction of about 6.5 miles of East Lancaster Avenue

This hefty sum will be funneled towards the blueprinting, acquisition of property rights, environmental assessments, and eventually, the expansive reconstruction of the 6.5-mile stretch of East Lancaster Avenue. The thoroughfare, which spans from Pine Street to the intersection with Interstate 820, will be metamorphosed into a diversified transportation corridor. This visionary endeavor was pioneered by the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

Fort Worth’s East Lancaster Avenue is one of six important infrastructure development ventures in Texas set to get federal help

The East Lancaster project is one among six illustrious infrastructure development ventures in Texas, set to benefit from the Biden Administration’s innovative Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity program. The initiative, applauded for its ambition, has made over $97 million available across the state, an impressive allocation that was confirmed in a recent news release.

Kelly Porter, the Assistant Director for the Regional Transportation and Innovation Division within Fort Worth’s Transportation and Public Works, underscored the significance of this funding commitment.

“This funding commitment shows that data-driven planning, project development, and partnerships with local, regional, and state agencies are critical to demonstrating that this is a project of local and national significance; and a sound investment for the federal government in our nation’s infrastructure,” said Kelly Porter, as reported by Fort Worth Report.

Fort Worth’s East Lancaster Avenue will see huge safety improvement once the project is finished

The ambitious restructuring of the East Lancaster corridor will provide the space for innovative infrastructure developments. These include a high-capacity bus transit service, bicycle lanes, pedestrian sidewalks, landscaped separators distinguishing the roadway from the bicycle lane, well-placed transit shelters, and strategically arranged street lighting.

The anticipated achievements of the project align with the city’s Eastside Transportation Plan, a broad strategy focused on the comprehensive improvement of the area, addressing safety, land use, and transportation dynamics.

Despite attempts, the NCTCOG was unavailable for comment prior to the deadline.

As per the U.S. Department of Transportation, 70% of these grants have been allocated to projects located in areas classified as Areas of Persistent Poverty or Historically Disadvantaged Communities. The East Lancaster region is identified as belonging to both these categories.

“Using the funds in President Biden’s infrastructure law, we are helping communities in every state across the country realize their visions for new infrastructure projects,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg in a news release. “This round of RAISE grants is helping create a new generation of good-paying jobs in rural and urban communities alike, with projects whose benefits will include improving safety, fighting climate change, advancing equity, strengthening our supply chain, and more.”

This funding announcement signifies a notable milestone in the ongoing regeneration of East Lancaster Avenue. As part of a continued effort in June 2022, an alliance of partners approved more than $182 million for the project, further solidifying the robust financial support behind this transformative initiative.

Other funding sources include the city of Fort Worth’s 2022 bond, the Regional Transportation Council and the Texas Department of Transportation.

North Texas area continues to develop important infrastructure

Earlier this week, officials with the Town of Prosper, the City of Celina and Collin County gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the newly expanded Frontier Parkway.

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