Four hike and bike trails in Frisco that are currently under construction

Frisco’s extensive trail system, which includes 29 planned hiking and biking trails, is currently seeing four of these trails under construction. These trails, as detailed on the city’s capital improvement projects website, are expected to be completed between mid-2023 and late 2024.

1. Dominion Trail

The Dominion Trail, an ambitious project that kicked off in October, is one of these four. This 1.2-mile trail will offer pedestrian bridges and will be strategically nestled between Hillcrest Road and Molina Drive. The completion of this $4.8 million project is anticipated for the end of 2023.

2. Monarch Trail

Secondly, the Monarch Trail, a smaller, 0.2-mile path, is designed to forge a connection between Monarch View Park and the PGA trails situated south of FM 423. As disclosed in a city update on YouTube, this $1.2 million project should wrap up by midsummer.

3. Starwood Trail

Thirdly, work is underway to extend the Starwood Hike and Bike Trail, which currently stretches 1.3 miles from Sweeney Trail to Lebanon Road. This trail extension, estimated to cost around $400,000, will span an additional 0.34 miles, totalling just under 2 miles before it merges with the Gate Trail at Dubai Way. This project is expected to come to fruition in the early summer.

4. FM 423/Panther Creek H&B Trail

Lastly, the FM 423/Panther Creek Hike and Bike Trail is in the pipeline. This trail is intended to serve as a connector for an existing trail coursing through the Estates at Rockhill neighborhood, ultimately leading to Frisco on the Green Park on Teel Parkway. Slated for completion in late 2024, this trail development is budgeted at $1 million.

These four projects represent the ongoing commitment of the city to provide outdoor recreational spaces for the local community. They will significantly contribute to Frisco’s existing network of trails, promoting health, fitness, and outdoor engagement for residents and visitors alike.

More information on Frisco’s hike and bike trails can be found here.

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