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Four tornadoes hit New Jersey on Saturday, confirms National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that four tornadoes struck New Jersey on Saturday amid a fierce storm that caused significant damage and left many without power. The affected areas were Cinnaminson, Sea Girt, Howell Township and Jackson. The NWS will announce the strength of the tornadoes after evaluating the extent of the destruction. Cleanup efforts are underway, but most of Central Jersey is still without power, as severe winds brought down power lines and uprooted trees. Traffic lights have ceased to function, adding to the chaos in affected communities.

Workers in Howell Township have been busy repairing downed power lines, cutting broken branches, and clearing up debris. Howell Township Office of Emergency Management Coordinator, Victor Cook, estimates that around 30 homes were damaged during the storm, some of them severely. Sue Johnson, a resident of Howell Township, remarked on the extent of the damage. She said: “Everything is just destroyed.”

The roof of a house in Spicy Pond Road was torn off and blown into the backyard, while a rafter from that roof pierced through a neighboring home. Anthony Remo, who was cleaning up his son’s house, expressed his deep concerns: “You have roof damage. He lost a good portion of the shingles up there. All the fence you could see came down… Everything is just scattered all over the place.” The Howell Township Office of Emergency Management has maintained a high presence since the storm hit the area.

NWS officials confirmed on Sunday that a tornado touched down in Jackson Township. Meteorologists believe a separate tornado directly hit a house in Howell during the storm. With cleanup efforts continuing, officials have advised the public to remain on alert and to stay away from downed power lines, which pose a significant danger. JCP&L, the electricity provider, has warned that some customers may not regain power until Monday. To assist affected residents, the Red Cross has set up a temporary shelter at the local senior center.

Overall, the storm has proved to be catastrophic for many residents of New Jersey. With homes severely damaged and power supply grids disrupted, the aftermath of the storm has left many vulnerable. However, the people of Howell Township have demonstrated admirable resilience, with neighbors coming together to help those affected. As the recovery process continues, the entire community must work together to restore normalcy to the region.

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