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Free Book Fair Hosted by 12-Year-Old in North Texas

Twelve-year-old Orion Jean, a young individual known for his quest to make the world a better place, is continuing his campaign – ‘Race to Kindness’ at the T.R. Hoover Community Development Center on Bexar Street in Dallas, this Saturday, May 20th from 10 am to 1 pm.

Leadership and kindness are among the values that drove Orion to initiate massive food drives, collect a staggering 500,000 books for students in North Texas, and recently earn the notable title of Time Magazine’s Kid of the Year.

At the event, books suitable for all ages and educators will be distributed free of cost. The attendees can also obtain ‘swag bags’, followed by a provision of free fruits and vegetables. Thriftbooks, the Dallas Mavericks, and the State Fair of Texas are the prominent partners supporting the event.

In light of his previous endeavors to create a better place, Orion’s upcoming event, while small in scale, takes a significant step towards improving the book availability and promoting healthy habits associated with providing free fruits and vegetables. His advocacy for kindness in our daily lives and leading by example is commendable for such a young person.

As people gather to collect literature and produce, Orion Jean’s ‘Race to Kindness’ campaign aims to inspire hope and positivity in the community, creating a sense of unity and encouraging selflessness. With this event, his efforts to make a difference are sure to be a success, and the community looks forward to maintaining the tradition of kindness and compassion he has established, which is critical in the current times.

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